Monday, 2 November 2015

Cover & Format date for 'A Dog and His Boy'.

I've shoe horned my brain into a variety of professional configurations in pursuit of experience of one kind and another.

While the ability to accomplish the task is universal both interest and the willingness to undertake it purposefully remains at least somewhat unusual.  This doubtless reflects the lack of a reliable value chain attached to such a reckless pursuit and does no harm either on merit or practically.

A fellow is fortunate to live in a society largely tolerant of aberrant behavior.

Generations previous were not so and I'm grateful for what I have.

The experience raised questions of class distinction, tolerance, equality, justice, and freedom, among many others, in what has become our internet enabled modern society.  I hope raising these questions in a forum that includes one as resolutely democratic and inherently public as the internet will support the development of a conversation beyond the author and themselves.

Those looking for answers will be disappointed here.

I'm a fellow who chose purposely to observe and record, and neither to judge nor to estimate answers.

To the writer this represents the only thing of lasting value.

A record of what happened to real people living their lives and how they dealt with the results of both circumstance and actions.

One hopes a reader might share that appreciation while accepting few likely will and even those remain skeptical of his purpose.  The necessity of guarding ones' internal fortifications remains essential to survival and technology be damned.

I take no offense at such consideration and seek no interactive response.

In my case the work I do necessitates the avoidance of it in fact.

My dedication to fiction as the vehicle of choice to ask these questions is more than less complete if sometimes grudgingly born.  To ask such questions of a universe both ignorant and dumb to ones' existence after all is nonsensical at best and supreme vanity at worst.

A man is fortunate to live in a time he may freely choose a windmill at which to tilt.

The fiction writing is mine.

Whatever is to be found there; both questions and answers, is up to you.

I've held up my end of the bargain by putting the story together as well as I was able to using the tools at my disposal.

I make no apology for taking an extended look before sharing the stories as without perspective a man has nothing useful to add to a conversation.  As my definition of perspective as regards this work is based on time that renders speed a concern for others.

Cover design and formatting for 'A Dog and His Boy' is scheduled to complete November 9, 2015, though, and publication on Amazon will shortly follow.

It has been a long wait and I'm excited.

I'll post the date the novel is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon here soon.

Thanks for being here and thanks for spreading the word.

-          TFP
November 2, 2015

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