Monday, 30 November 2015

The thrill remains.

There are experiences that don't grow old.  Though vanishingly rare and enjoyed by an exclusive clientele they do exist.  I make this statement with the security of personal history backing my words.

Having your work purchased by others ranks among them.

Few things confirm the validity of an occupational choice as effectively as receiving payment for the practice of it.  The undeniable link to professional status conferred by the receipt of remuneration in exchange for artistic output meanwhile is both gratifying and necessary to the vocational practitioner on many levels.  From tax status to work habits, being paid for what you create is essential to all and critical to those working independently at a solo occupation like writing.

I'm thrilled to report the first paperback sales of 'A Dog and His Boy'.

This experience definitely won't grow old!

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the novel I'm shocked to report the first print run has completely sold out.  I hope each of you enjoys the book and look forward to reading your reviews.

A second printing has been ordered and I'll fulfill outstanding requests for autographed copies prior to the holidays.  Thank you again to everyone for demonstrating your interest and support, it's critical to my survival and necessary to the work.  I remain convinced that the eBook revolution will ultimately be responsible for the majority of book sales.  Call me a Luddite if you must but I'm more than pleased to know the novel has been purchased and read using the traditional medium.

I love to write.

To be paid to do it is the figurative cherry atop an occupation a man has always been unable to resist engaging in anyway.  I've always felt myself the luckiest man alive to earn my living by the output of my pen in whatever form I was able to work.  The satisfaction of adding published novelist to my personal list of professional writing accomplishments is supremely gratifying.  That it has also managed to contribute a small percentage to my annual earnings is a fact of which I am both grateful and proud.

The hard work of editing my next novel, now underway, is eased significantly by the new awareness of wider support for my literary efforts.  A life spent working privately and without this knowledge now fulfills where previously it had burdened.  This artistic business ensnares a man with romantic notions despite being quite limited in measurable returns.  Yet only the professional can truly appreciate the peanut butter sandwiches that underpin the glamour of the artists' life choice.

It is its own reward.

That I am additionally rewarded and allowed to survive - just most times - by the results of my efforts is what a fellow dreamed of as a child.  To live this life I've chosen has been a hard earned privilege for which I have and will remain ever grateful.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
November 30, 2015

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