Monday, 28 December 2015

A plan made.

I learned the value of making a plan while still reasonably young.

The knowledge of when to change it in response to the vicissitudes of temporal reality came later.  Both continue to be important parts of my process and functional pillars of my success.  I use the term success with the latitude granted by longevity only, and not as indication of either commercial viability or critical acceptance.

The ability to stick with it was for better or worse a talent discovered accidentally.

Though appreciating their importance the best of my own worldly stratagems have most often gone awry to one degree or another. To surmise the error must lay with their creator is not only the obvious explanation but in this case also generally correct.  It turns out an appreciation for strategic thinking and technical knowledge is no guarantee of success.

Staying on a wrong track usually leads to the wrong place.

This is contrasted by awareness that changing course in response to an eddying current can be more than difficult to overcome.  Judgement is easier after the fact and easiest when applied to the actions of others in all cases.  To claim otherwise is either naivety or falsehood, with one no less dangerous than the other if certainly less than palatable in both cases.

A plan limits decision making at inopportune moments if nothing else.

It can be difficult to act in the best of long-term interests when reacting to circumstance rather than following a course of action.  To change a plan is always easier than responding to events and often preferable when considering the cascading of effects.  Though many promote the energy of improvisation more extoll the virtuosity enabled by rehearsal.

For each a time is no doubt right.

In this case the work of writing and publishing novels prompts the latest cause for testing a strategy in place.  With a second work of fiction near completion the decision to continue with Amazon and the self-publishing of my work is again revisited.  To pursue a traditional publishing opportunity is the primary alternate strategy.  The variety of factors that contrast and compare the approaches approximates those who might consider them.

It appears for most either will prove appropriate.

That my style of choice is currently among the least popular forms of fiction available in the marketplace eases the decision more than might seem apparent.  A practitioner of literary fiction in the time of extraordinary genre popularity one must accept that no matter his choice of publishing strategies the likelihood of securing continued obscurity is probable.  The question becomes one of style versus substance as neither is a guarantee of either fame or fortune in the traditional sense.

Do you prefer one lump or two?

The figurative reference is to bruises on your head.  They'll be left by the hammers wielded by the defenders of the ramparts of literary tradition.  Alternatively they're caused by the churning augers used by the wide intake tubes of the self-publishing conglomerates.  There is no escaping the scars left by the writer's choice of medium.

If the work is to be read through one or the other the humble scribe must tread.

Those small complaints made after the fact of my original Amazon publishing experience are undeniable if only marginally valid.  Despite them I remain a customer satisfied with the experience to the point I am willing to try it again.  Both the quality of the finished product and the simplicity of implementation for the first novel were beyond reproach.  Meanwhile, management of printing, shipping, sales, and reporting has since been timely and accurate.  The service provided by Createspace and Kindle is everything it was claimed to be at the least and no less than eye-opening at best.

I plan to publish my second novel with Amazon in 2016.

The strategy holds for now with minor alterations.  A story for another time until the release date nears little additional information regarding the new work will be provided.  I trust meantime you'll enjoy 'A Dog and His Boy' in either Paperback or eBook courtesy of the links provided here.  Alternatively you can search by author and/or title at the Amazon country site of your choice and order there.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
December 28, 2015

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