Monday, 11 January 2016

Doing my thing.

I've been doing my thing for a while.

I long ago accepted the many elements of addiction underlying the monkish devotion necessary to the individual vocational practices I have undertaken.  That in itself is no surprise and I'm well aware its likely old news I now share.  As editor of the platform however, the pardon granted for the discourse is easily arranged despite its questionable value.  This may be another long-term effect of ranging unfettered by the restraint of either common sense or business requirement.

That for now will remain a theory impossible to accurately surmise.

At least not without further study and the mystery's solution raises little interest on behalf of most.  The idea of examining the independent life of any kind is an activity frowned upon by the herd mentality that preserves both individual and societal security.  Those foolish enough to pursue the questionable reward of a sovereign career in the arts are thus largely ignored while doing so.  That most will also prove worthy of disregard is a less known fact practitioners are left to discover on their own behalf.

The realization is apparently made more difficult by the fact of working independently.

In many cases the bitter notion is accepted long after a time when doing so retains the ability to positively alter the circumstances of the concerned party.  A much dreaded and rarely spoken of experience, akin to staying too long at the dance, awaits the aging practitioner.  The reflection of the ancient fable about the ant and the grasshopper is undeniable when lean times confront he who plays while his fellows gather.  This is another nugget revealed at a date beyond its usefulness as other than a distasteful reminder of roads not taken.

Life lessons though many can often be difficult for those inclined to independence.

            To demonstrate anything aside from persistence in the face of such a situation might also be considered wise.  The practitioner will instead curse the notion as the very lack of commitment assigned to history's failures.  The absence of meaningful symptoms of practical success notwithstanding the desire to continue the lifestyle charade is usually overarching.  In some ways the experience recalls those of substance abuse withdrawal while lacking either drama or payoff.

 Damn me for a fool but I love a hanging conclusion to anything other than a song.

The occasional call of both road and stage though still impossible to resist is thus far less urgent with the writer today.  Spend enough time wandering and interest in knowing what waits around the next bend will eventually dull one discovers.  Though a surprise this realization is not without benefit as there are also joys found only while tarrying.  Yet to answer in the affirmative when beckoned to appear remains the standard response here.

My father was correct to assay there was no fool like an old one.

I have earlier mentioned here the calendar dovetail existing between touring responsibilities and writing obligations.  Once again the vocational schedules align to allow continued exploration of another unwisely chosen rabbit hole.  The old fool perseveres despite the best before date long rendered past due and dimming prospects brightly lit by the passage of time itself.

More is the pity.

Of course, more than a few would say to continue on any of the paths selected for travel by this writer is folly.  To be succinct, the unmistakable echo of the call for a halt is acknowledged.  The long sought answers to many significant questions have undeniably been either discovered or revealed.  That most have proven unpalatable and disappointing is irrelevant when evaluating plans for the days to come.

For it appears I am once again a man with a great future behind me.

The hilarious parallels between the worlds of literature and music I inhabit continue aside from schedule assimilation.  Far more difficult than completing work in either sphere is securing the world's notice of its existence.  To pursue success beyond the closest of associations necessitates seeking publicity both appropriate and affordable.  In each case the challenge is significant beyond the ability to appreciate properly, if at all, even after it has been undertaken.

This grace would save were it not potentially disastrous.

            Meanwhile a schedule is developing on behalf of what will be my second novel to publish.  The details are limited yet though the manuscript is complete now.  A desire to leave the field clear of encumbrances to the first one contributes to the relaxed pace along with interest in further edification regarding the business itself.  There is much to learn while success or failure can be defined only by the individual though the world encourages all to think otherwise.

            A man endeavors to persevere while clinging to fading hopes for improvement.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
January 11, 2016

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