Monday, 8 February 2016

Begin anew ~ again.

To begin anew or to finish work previously started was the topic selected for this week's discourse.

A not unusual question faced routinely by writers everywhere my turn through the inevitable turntable of new or old has lately arrived.  With a first novel published and a finished second now waiting a publication date scheduled for later this year the question of what comes next begged answering.  Though not an unfamiliar position for a long-term participant an experienced puncher knows every ride is best approached with circumspection.

Accepted practice is to consider twice before making any cut.

That time to invest is available I owe to the vocational largess of music and management for which I am eternally grateful.  The demand for professional services by careful delivery now avails a predictable schedule and the regular practice of fiction writing is thus enabled on a full-time basis.  While never unlimited the calendar again supports the undertaking of a literary work of novel length.

No man being guaranteed tomorrow I hastened to arrive at a conclusion that I might then tend to the difficult task.

The limits of both imagination and humor mentioned in previous missives published here certainly contributed to my initial hesitation.  Advancing years are also known to institute a variety of unexpected changes upon their inheritor and awareness of time's individual limit reliably arrives with the wrinkles.  What to leave out and what to write down perhaps exceeds its importance under the effect of such circumstance.

The job of the writer is nonetheless to discover which is which.

A fellow long given over to the task I've regularly faced the urgent call of the impending deadline.  The world we inhabit is a "What have you done for me lately?" place no matter how we pursue a livelihood.  Good work while appreciated is also expected everywhere on a daily basis and while certain latitudes are provided to the creative process ultimately we each must deliver.  The consuming society we have built provides jobs only to artists able to reliably provide the grist of entertainment to be ground by its relentless mill.

To regularly produce completed works is the primary requirement of the professional.

The production schedule of a micro-label recording artist while unlikely to be equalled for long is currently used as the model.  A carefully stored collection of experiences individual and witnessed as always provide the clay for moulding.  Those few tools of a journeyman's craft earned along the way likewise fire the ovens of creation.  The warm embrace of habit built on a lifetime of earnest practice now reaches out to wrap me in remembered comfort.

Like an old friend the time to write fiction approaches.

An adherent to a strict discipline when working at prose my contributions here may be affected by the imposition of it.  Though I plan to do my best to continue a weekly schedule of posts related to 'A Dog and His Boy', my upcoming second novel's publication, the current work-in-progress, and the occasionally related happenstance of this writer's life, the intervals may for a time be less than regular.  I can only offer my apologies for the inconvenience with the assurance any future absence will prove worthwhile.

At the least it will for those few fans of what is intended to be a growing collection of fiction published by this writer.

The direction it would next grow was the question that required an answer.  How well it might eventually do is beyond the writer's ability to estimate.  That it might live in complete and readable condition beyond the history of its author is the primary hope of the writer.  For this reason the question of starting new or beginning again was front and centre while the keyboard only waited.  Though resolute in the wielding of redemptive power it remains powerless to dictate either content or attention.

The writer alone controls the faucet of creativity.

With a start now marked courtesy of the first novel and a release date scheduled for the second the time for next literary steps has undeniably arrived.  A selection of plans each considered in their turn undertaken as rest accumulated and creative energies restored is now complete.  Though barely four weeks since finishing work on number two and with last of the winter live dates also completed a decision is no doubt required.  While the writer enjoys his work it remains a job requiring significant commitment best pursued with few distractions.  The hard effort that waits is appreciated with great fondness if each time approached with a wary respect.

Despite the passage of decades I continue to enjoy the work of writing fiction.

A man seeks always to describe the plan within which he works using the creative output he produces.  The belief that doing so allows the work to be considered meritoriously in the absence of explanation drives this approach.  While the strategy may prove difficult to appreciate at first glance the persistent reader will soon discover a path relatively obvious.  For hiding my intention was not the point of my life's artistic effort and my hope is that it not be confused as such.  To provide a layered journey of imagination suited to the purposes of both reader and writer is the goal of art created for such presentation.  Thus a work may soothe one and pique another while allowing complete ignorance of either response to a different consumer.  Long a fellow who resisted the urge to tell anyone what's what about most things I have no intention of starting now.

Take what you need and leave the rest remains my usual recommendation.

Despite this governing philosophy however I do not deny the courage to stand in support of my convictions.  The willingness to risk the displeasure of friend or foe alike in defense of them has been a hallmark of my character.  An intellectual or philosophical position held in these parts is grounded such that only the most thorough and reasoned of arguments present cause for reconsideration.  While an open mind is cultivated established ideas of morality and ethics are entrenched suitable to study enabled by advancing years.  The core values of equality, fraternity, and society, are above all else respected here.  Those unfortunate to hold a worldview without regard for these virtues are encouraged to look elsewhere for comfort.  While appreciating that ignorance is unrelated to genetics its choice as a lifestyle is also rejected here entire.  Similarly, minds ruled by intolerance in forms including but not limited to prejudice, racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry are encouraged to seek another place for welcome.

Though tolerance is provided to all no succor is provided here to those considered enemies of either common sense or the world's peace.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
February 8, 2016

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