Monday, 28 March 2016

To the young of heart.

A report on a recent turn in the classroom taken by the writer on behalf of Edmonton's Windsor Park School 2016 Arts Blitz is this week provided.

The long ago failure of my academic career has occasionally been mentioned here at the blog.  Imagine my surprise to receive an invitation to present a talk about music and literature to a group of elementary school children.  With no small amount of trepidation I embraced the new challenge as they are, for obvious reasons, rare for a fellow my age.

It was a delight to be granted such an opportunity!

Another mention regularly made is that fascination with literature and music arrived early in my case.  In elementary school classrooms occupied by a version of myself no older than those I spoke with at the Arts Blitz were made discoveries that shaped my life.  The power and influence of ideas is perhaps greater at such a time than at any other in the average person's life.

I approached the assignment with joyful trepidation.

The presentation compared the fundamentals of creating musical and literary works for consumption by an audience.  Though technical the primary interest hung on the methods shared by the individual artistic practices.  While apparently distinct and doubtless unique the model provided showed the fundamental similarities embodied within distinct process types.  Delivered in equal segments totaling approximately 40 minutes the musical presentation concluded with a song while the literary component ended with a short reading.

Though difficult to imagine the discussion was less exciting in delivery than by description.

The writer thus owes his survival of the punctilious presentation to the fortunate compassion of both staff and students.  Public thanks are here and with profusion offered.  In all ways it would appear the modern elementary school participant exceeds the knowledge and awareness of those encountered in youth.  At no time was the writer other than over-matched by the intelligence and vast educational advantage enjoyed by students yet to depart sixth grade.  A veteran of many the humbling given the writer equaled the majority and was without doubt the most amusing.  The world may look forward with hope to the rise of a generation thus enabled by technology and enlightened by information.  The future as always is safest held in the sure and capable hands of the young.

Consider the writer both relieved and prepared, when requested, to vacate the stage.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
March 28, 2016

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