Monday, 18 April 2016

A contest of privacy versus publicity.

A few thoughts related to the writer's ongoing want for privacy versus his work's need for publicity are explored this week.

As usual, the ideas here provided are personal and meant for entertainment.  For while the world has developed a recent fascination with instruction the writer continues to value musings related to process.  Those looking for someone to tell them either what to do or how to do it are thus best served searching elsewhere.  What is available at this blog is a report of circumstances ridiculous.  What is not is a path to either education or enlightenment.

As a fellow pursuing an independent vision the writer also encourages it.

Thus another of the intractable realities of the life ongoing is highlighted with suitable reluctance this week.  As the battle to decipher the seeming endless conundrums governing survival and creative success continue the hapless scribe remains driven by the desire.  Despite economic downturn and advancing years the habits of a lifetime, with scant explanation, are clung to with stubborn diligence.

Faced with ever-worsening circumstance, the writer remains listed among those few who appear too foolish to desist.

Explanation for the success or failure of the work and by extension its creator is from time to time mentioned here at the blog.  While rare the occasional mention of the various difficulties encountered and the many differences of goal and opinion is here noted.  The writer with little exception has revealed more than a few of the persnickety and disagreeable habits assisting in his careers continued languish.  Not for nothing are those identified as prodigious talents allowed to waste.

For much more than talent is needed to achieve popular success in most fields.

The writer being known for mercurial temper and strong opinions was long ago discovered a challenge with which to work.  A near addiction to solitude and a preference for a pace of life more appropriate to the nineteenth century than the twenty-first serves as yet another limiting factor.  While a man of significant energy known for the extremes of dedication the writer is also understood to be less than accepting of the routine demands of industry or economics.  Much like a hibernating beast he appears to best function only when removed from the daily activity of the world around him.

To find success in an activity other than sleep in such a case must be accepted as only usual.

The value of publicity is on permanent display in our civilized society while the distaste for privacy grows daily around the world.  With our wired lives now serving personalized demands for time and money courtesy online advertising delivered to all via the now ubiquitous internet the new reality is undeniable.  A growing commitment to sharing information both personal and specific is encouraged among the masses and the corporate world rushes to take advantage.  Despite the cautions of many the population rushes headlong to a trough prepared for their hurried consumption.  To consider the contents of the beverage or its eventual effect meanwhile is left to history.  The need to taste the new overrides both caution and the formerly common sense.

Like lemmings the ignorant follow their corporate leaders over the edge of an unseen cliff.

The writer only with hesitation and despite real need thus proceeds at a relative glacial pace along the path of independent promotion.  Though the success of his work is paramount protection of personal privacy is also held in great esteem.  For even publishing this blog represents a significant invasion while providing limited return.  As wish to avoid the traffic overhead ~ and implied support ~ created by advertising limits the commercial potential of it.

For sale or promotion of product or service beyond the work of the writer is not the purpose here.

That even the vehicle used for this purpose is means to secure personal and private information on behalf of its provider is also a known fact.  The modern fallacy of free goods and services, despite its wide acceptance in the age of the internet, is only that.  Each instance of software or hard goods offered with no financial cost returns real value to its provider as information about its consumer.  Though most ignore the factual reality of the situation no sense is found denying its effect.  For that known as 'the sharing economy' enriches only those properly identified as oligarchs while reducing individuals to a source of content.

The world has devolved into a corporate data mine with the inhabitants its ore.

Despite accepted terms of nationality the writer is not nor has ever been known for apology.  The habit extends to neither behavior nor result as in most cases explanation is assumed apparent to those of sufficient intelligence.  Those lacking the required mental capability are thought best left to misunderstand to their hearts' content.  That some will and have been displeased by this position meanwhile is accepted here with limited concern.  The writer is devoted to an individual pursuit whose sole value requires the opinion of his audience ~ however limited it may or may not be ~ is stubbornly ignored.

In the vernacular of the times content is esteemed while profit is a secondary, and distant, concern.

The latest news reveals more good reviews of first novel 'A Dog and His Boy' appearing while work on novel number three nears completion.  In spite of failing energy the real effort of releasing second novel 'Grand Opening' must soon begin.  Pertinent information, posted as the date approaches, is soon available via the usual outlets.  The hope for increased sales continues despite the limitations of independent promotion and thanks are offered to you, the reader, either again or in advance, for your much-needed support.

Without it there can be no continuing.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 18, 2016

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