Monday, 11 April 2016

The satisfied mind.

The stuff of dreams is that which drives me and for it I make no apology.

To the achievement of them, though fleeting and most often illusory in eventual result, much effort with certain commitment has long been devoted.  That less glory than preferred by critics was in most cases sufficient to their owner is also acknowledged though the writer considers it of no account.

Those who would live with a satisfied mind are best dedicated early to their purpose.

Thus I have with relish lived for the doing and the seeing and the knowing.   For what I could discover about pursuits various and their effects with great satisfaction have I invested the effort of body and mind.  The facts of each vocational practice interested the writer and no more.  To dispense with homilies grounded in ignorance and discover through personal experience the temporal reality of a singular devotion.

Minus the homespun nonsense passed off as wisdom surrounding most vocational pursuits.

If a dollar were paid each time either amateur or vocational critic described how yet another professional activity personally unknown to them is best performed money would no longer be a concern for those so employed.  For as the historical record shows none but the onlooker in blissful ignorance possesses the hubris to attempt as routine to describe with accuracy an unfamiliar occupation.  Those doing the work meanwhile are most times sufficiently overwhelmed by it to forsake such a professionally invasive activity.  Thus an appreciation for the cognitive dissonance of temporal reality versus the stuff of dreams most accurately reflects the dichotomy of the writer's experience.

The time-honored journalistic tradition of printing the myth instead of the facts is reflected best by our society's continuing belief in them.

Near as much time is spent debunking fable as pursuing perfection of talent in the arts and experience would expose this as not uncommon to many vocational pursuits.  Artistic fields though perhaps afflicted no more than others as sources of wide fascination are also among the most visible.  Thus the plethora of misleading lore and nonsensical misconception surrounding their vocational practice is apparently greater if not actually so.  Familiarity breeds not only contempt but also ignorance seems by logical extrapolation the inevitable yet disappointing result.

Like an iceberg the factual basis of most professions is found only by looking beneath a surface visible to the onlooker despite folk tales to the contrary.

Now decades into a lifestyle choice seeming born to the writer is long past concern for sharing either practical instruction or vocational insight.  To reveal a magician's trick was not then nor will be now my purpose.  The celebration of its practice in all cases has been.  Result is left for time to judge.  A commitment kept, and no more is thereby recorded and the limited posterity available to our kind is thus honored.  While of no great significance the record of it here acknowledged is with joyful appreciation commemorated.

From the stuff of simple dreams is that of which this writer's life was made.

Though renowned for being unwilling to suffer fools, patience is a virtue much prized in these parts.  A life led in the public eye leaves a man often subject to the routine attempts at insight of his fellows.  Most times regarding a field unknown to them and often driven by ignorance.  Despite the misery endured a personal response is usually withheld.  This despite great displeasure at being forced to politely endure the misinformation routinely parsed as learned insight.  As mentioned previously here the world has lately developed a rash of critics and now drowns in pulpits from which they pour misguided attempts at philosophy.  The explanations vigorously postulated are superseded only by the volume of topics on which the categorically unqualified expound.

While pulling for the meek to inherit the writer holds the species best hope is that it not be by the weak of mind.

Certain criticism recently leveled is here declared beyond the pale however and to them a reasoned response is offered.  In matters related to artistic pursuits and career choices the writer has earned the right to his response due to a lifetime invested in the honest toil.  Those who would rest at home or watch from the sidelines of the field of play however earn no share of either spoils of victory or honor of defeat.  I state here for the record their feckless bleating while growing in volume contains not a single dram of either personal or professional integrity.  For the price of a respected opinion is commitment to the vocational pursuit about which you would speak.

The opinions of those lacking such commitment like their earnings are best recorded on a pay cheque and held private.

The dollar value reflected is no doubt appropriate to the field in such circumstance.  No more and no less.  This usually reveals the working of a free market and is widely accepted as not only appropriate but also sensible.  Yet when learning of the disparate earnings potential of arts and artists many outside the profession are moved to instruct.  With honest if foolhardy propriety the explanations and strategies for greater success are breathlessly presented.  That these wrongheaded postulations are rooted in disrespect and ignorance is by necessity overlooked in the mad rush to assist.

A living example of the blind attempting to lead the blind is there presented.

Vocational choices devoted to the arts are subject to wide variance and thus near impossible to measure in usual terms.  Few reliable metrics are available for their evaluation beyond satisfaction of their practitioner.  While some will experience wild popular success many others will need to survive hand-to-mouth to continue their work.  These circumstances are ineffable and most times unrelated to the individual artist's talent or commitment.  Those who would link them to either are showing the indifferent arrogance of the ignorant and deserving of contempt.  For unlike all other vocational activities, taste, both personal and individual, rules the arts from an absolute position.

Our kind have long understood there can be no accounting for it.

While the quality of a man's life is difficult to estimate the subjective experience of it may be recorded as can its exploits.  In my case that sleep comes easy and rest is complete would be the most accurate report made of that enjoyed here.  Those achievements noted by the historical record meanwhile speak with suitable eloquence on behalf of the vocational efforts undertaken during it.

In either case, the writer rests courtesy the ease of a satisfied mind.

This marks the twenty-sixth consecutive weekly post published.  In other news good reviews continue to accumulate on behalf of first novel 'A Dog and His Boy'.  With work on number three continuing and marketing efforts on behalf of number two soon to begin the schedule may soon change.  I'll let you know via the usual collection of outlets including Facebook, Goodreads, Google +, and here.

I'm also pleased to confirm a publication date of November 12, 2016, for my second novel titled 'Grand Opening'

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 11, 2016

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