Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The latest big news.

A few words on the latest literary happenstance are offered the reader this month.

The writer uses limited editing and brevity as watchwords of the discourse, in honor of the platform from which it extends. For affairs related to the promotion and marketing of literary work proceeds at a pace best described as leisurely in these parts.

Like the glacial pace of his output, the writer appears to derive little pleasure seeking to speed an increase in popularity, that much is also plain.

So it is that first novel 'A Dog and His Boy' languishes near the bottom among the ever-extending list of unknown literary works. With little effort or expense invested to support its exposure or reputation to expect an alternate result would be pointless.

No doubt, was notoriety the intent of its publication failure is the sure result.

The writer next proceeds, in full awareness of these factors, with publication of a second novel. A completed manuscript is now submitted with formatting and cover design again provided courtesy US specialty firm Indie Designz.

The writer is pleased to confirm the excellent work and quality service delivered by Dafeenah at Indie Designz.

As earlier mentioned here the second novel is to be published in paperback and eBook formats, again using the Createspace and Kindle platforms provided by Amazon. The writer proceeds with every intention of investing similar effort and expense in its promotion as he did on behalf of the first novel if not a lesser amount.

In a world as mad as this one, to consider alternatives is laughable.

While mad the temporal universe no doubt objectively remains, the writer continues to offer no comment on circumstances beyond the literary. The choice to keep his own counsel regarding concerns extra to literature is neither wisdom nor disguise, but a decision arrived at after much reflection.

Despite previously reporting neither consideration nor adoption of it the position has long been accepted as usual here.

To sum it, a man thinks far more than he says and shares much less than that. As does the writer make a practice of leaving the reader with more questions than answers. The philosophy thus demonstrated is the practical terms of a style of life and conduct both promoted and preferred.

A man thereby is free to have his say in peaceful coexistence with his fellows.

To regularly stray from the path must also be accepted as in keeping with the rogues' character afflicting the writer. The result of this occasional deviance is from time to time destructive and most times unavoidable due to personality and situation. An appreciation of this fact is necessary if understanding the capricious temperament often displayed by the mercurial scribe is the readers' goal.

It appears crazy might be more than a state of mind.

On that note, I'll wish a happy birthday to the late, great, much missed, always loved, and ever lamented, W.J. Pruden, gone but not forgotten.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

  July 26, 2016