Thursday, 15 September 2016

Of intent and desire.

Yet more thoughts on literature and the happenstance that passes for local news is subject of the months' post.

A glimpse into the underpinnings of the mad process that make up its creation here is offered the reader, with no explanation aside from personal interest provided.  From time to time, a man will give way to the call of vanity and the writer makes no attempt to deny it.  To borrow a couple of two-dollar words to describe it, dialectic of literary convention and philosophy here ensues.

That a slave to the passions the writer is, was, and likely always will be meanwhile is made apparent enough by his work.

For here is rejected, in whole and entire, the philosophical concepts and sociological theories described to support 'the death of the author'.  By lifestyle and works, in citizenship and geography, this writer long ago embraced many of the philosophical concepts associated with 'the civilization of the book' often applied to the western world.

While rejecting in full the concept and promotion of theology.

            The literary practice is here also considered acknowledgement of the primacy of language among the various collective expressions of civilization known on earth.  Though like politics, science, and philosophy, language is here viewed as a construct of the species, both necessary to collective survival and from time to time beautiful in articulation.  In fact, construction of these pillars of shared knowledge is accepted by the writer as enabling the traditions that established cultures and fueled the history of our kind.

For what is now understood as 'the world' exists only to the degree that collective communication allows description of it.

The undistorted mirror is also here considered that most disposed to provision of both accurate history and necessary entertainment on behalf of the species.  In these parts, literary fiction is accepted as representing the tool of choice for those seeking to best construct a device of such inestimable capabilities.  Though it should also be said, and remembered too, that such a path is hairs' breadth narrow and dogleg straight, with passage far from assured for those choosing to walk it.

While any man may without doubt have his fun, he must always be willing, if on occasion less than able; to pay what price is asked for it.

The ability to state the concepts with great effect proves the theory.  For understanding the temporal environment would be impossible in the absence of them.  Description is possible only by development of the construct of language.  Geographic and archaeological history though highly repetitive in temporal fact, is transmuted best by records written using it.  The ability to understand anything is likewise enabled only by development of appropriate and reliable constructs widely disseminated.

Though the wheel goes round, each generation can only see everything as something new.

The intentions of a writer meanwhile are considered here described by a text as published, either in printed form or via the eBook as current technology allows.  Appreciation for such work demands acknowledgement of the information presented on either printed or virtual page as original in thought and construction.  While enjoyment of it remains a matter of taste, those in search of something other than an individual testament are here thought best served by looking elsewhere.

Those works published by this writer likewise describe an intention known by none but their author.

While analysis and discussion of both intent and meaning is the desired result of much fiction published, none but its writer may know the facts of either.  By using a variety of invented constructs including but not limited to inference and hope, the reader would seek mollification of a seeming instinctive need to inhabit, in mind if not body, what we understand as individuals and collectively to be 'the other'.  In this way a solitary practice performed by a single writer is transformed into a unifying force on behalf of the community.  For while a writer's intentions without doubt provide fiction with its form, its function as a novel is best described by its reader.

Was this not the case, many writers likely would not seek publication.

The less publicized curse of a writer is thus revealed as being that the urge to tell a story is assuaged only in part by its writing.  Those desiring entrance to the fraternity would with certainty be forearmed by this knowledge, but on rare occasion is it shared and in most cases only after the fact.  In such matters as this, more often proves worth the pity.  However, while fuel for discussion aplenty with certainty remains, but a glimpse was to the reader promised.  A last comment is left for your consideration.

A novel lives to be read, though like beauty, the joy of its achievement is little affected by absence of appreciation.

To wit; let us now turn to publicizing and promoting the latest tome gifted to the world via effort of this cranky scribe.  My second novel Grand Opening is available for exclusive pre-order on the Kindle reader from Amazon now.  You can buy it in paperback ~ my favorite reading medium ~ exclusively from Amazon beginning November 12, 2016, when Kindle pre-orders will also be delivered.  I'll post ordering details with web links as soon as I have them here on the blog.  Thanks very much for your support, and thanks also for spreading the word about Grand Opening.

This writer hopes for nothing more than you to enjoy it.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

                 - TFP
                    September 15, 2016