Friday, 9 December 2016

A seasoned greeting.

I started this post with intention of keeping it short, despite a road paved with earlier attempts snickering at my back.

A hard-earned reputation by now has likely eliminated those readers expecting strict adherence to such instruction, rendering further attempt at exculpation unnecessary.  Should aversion to the practice of literary craft bordering the pedantic best describe a reader's taste however, what follows is unlikely a flavor of choice.

This writer suffering a peculiar addiction to it, despite offering less than noteworthy skills in manipulation makes no apology for the demonstration.

Due to the claim of writer made as vocation I have returned to work.

Once again with masochist pleasure the scribe must endure the rigor of literary creation to live up to now published pronouncements.  Far from a drama described, the real effect is to limit energy earlier devoted to care of the blog or similar marketing efforts maintained on behalf of it.

The writer must as result relay news of the published novels from a certain distance, with this post warning the reader of what is sure to be routine delay.

While offering no estimate of length aside from assurance it should not be extended.

The reader may trust continued appreciation of reviews published or ratings posted on behalf of the novels earn the writer's fond attention.  As is the accepted usual in these parts, personal details considered providing less value than necessary for entertainment will continue left to a reader's imagination.

This writer has after all, long considered doing as first necessity to being.

In these parts, the demand to practice that which a man claims for vocation is viewed as professional duty.

Another thing necessary before most everything else around here: accepting work as equal in value no matter the occupation.  Whether you swing a hammer or drive a truck, manage a network or fly a plane, play a musical instrument or write stories, either talent or craft earns the respect it deserves hereabouts.

As return of it meanwhile, is necessary to either reasoned or meaningful discourse.

Thus much like my fellows living here in the now frozen north, this writer exists not in a vacuum.

Sharing concerns expressed by many of them, I too might think myself forced to acknowledge the ascension of a self-described misogynist, publicly avowed racist, or a known bigot to the largely anecdotal position of 'leader of the free world'.  That abundant published evidence revealed that fellow an idiot while a separate concern would also no doubt require mention were such a circumstance to arise.

As many times earlier stated about such matters, the writer continues to withhold comment on affairs political.

Save to record serious concern for the unfettered rise of dangerous sentiment within the population or leadership of a neighbor held in high regard.

The writer is also fortunate to live in a sovereign nation suffering near countless problems of its own requiring devoted attention.  My effort like those of my fellow citizens is best focussed on the many challenges contained within its borders.

Much as our southern neighbors with great misfortune in recent time's demonstrate, when the job of living together in peace is left untended in a so-called free market or capitalist society, elemental discord on a grand scale soon festers.

The long denied yet always plain gulf between those that have or have not in our western democracies not only increases, but is far more divisive than earlier considered.

Despite no sign of sky falling locally, the rise of a de facto neo-fascist movement led by a populist madman in our geographical neighbor recalls with eerie similarity its pre-war rise a continent away only a century ago.  While appreciating the societal pendulum now but swings in response to natural if much less than rational perceptions of economic circumstance, this writer finds little comfort in the reactionary vicissitude.

The writer instead most hopes the inmates now in control of the asylum might be prevented from returning the planet to earlier levels of hatred well-documented by the historical record.

As accurate review of recent political discourse though unfortunate leaves little reason to doubt those refusing to learn from history will likely repeat it.

That a man would seek to ease such legitimate concern by reporting great satisfaction with early response to my latest novel release Grand Opening should thus be understood.  The second of these works to see publication, much like its predecessor the western Canadian novel so far earns praise for being unique in style if not substance.

The writer admits to being most pleased to discover his work rating notice of any kind in times such as these.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my ongoing literary efforts.

I'm also pleased to invite you to enter the Goodreads Giveaway of 5 autographed paperback copies of Grand Opening.  Click the link displayed atop the column on the side of the page to enter.

My advice: enter early, enter often!

To all who do the writer wishes the best of luck.

This is the last post I have planned for the calendar year.  Thanks again to those who support my work with the purchase of paperbacks or eBooks, it would not be possible without you.

I also send to the reader warm regards for the holiday season with salutations for a happy new year.

Thanks for sharing the blog.


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