Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Intellectual freedom ~ unwanted by the free.

As the old saw claims, neither tide nor time for any man waits.

It's a long while between posts, so I've stopped a few moments to crack wise at any who might fear or welcome my disappearance.

If truth be told, I've long been unwilling to write when distracted by passions otherwise inflamed.  Ever ruled by one sort or another, a man admits self-interest is destructive to his best attempts at literature.

C'est la vie!

As is customary around here, a man avoids promoting his personal opinions about the way of the world or the state of affairs between people or places.  To do so risks not only the embarrassment of being widely ignored, but also near certain relegation to 'cranky old man' status.

To this writer at least, one seems no more attractive than the other.

Yet even recent news of ever-increasing intolerance, fear-mongering and rampant bigotry seems outweighed by that of the increasing intellectual delicacy of the 21st century student bodies lately emerging from institutions of higher learning.

Near daily it seems unfortunate reminders of the narrowing intellectual confines of the leaders of tomorrow resound in escalating attacks upon the principles of free speech.  There in a discordant cacophony from campuses around the globe, the cry of censorship in defense of 'trigger response' fills air once considered devoted to intelligent discourse, learned disagreement, or educated discontent.

In its place, the fearful masses insist self-preservation renders factual understanding or empathetic appreciation of unvarnished history, literature, or art unsuitable for educational consumption!  Save the grit of reality ~ likely to cause an emotional response ~ first be sanitized, or those fearing it relieved of responsibility for dealing with it.

Though reason for encouraging a modern student to believe his or her self incapable of surviving the routine onslaught of corporal reality remains, to this writer, an unfathomable mystery.

Was a man given to making noise about such matters, noting that not only does censorship inevitably lead to ignorance, but fundamentally opposes the principles of higher learning might approximate a likely opinion.  Though not one to do so, a man might also suggest those who support assaults upon freedom of expression must be opposed with undying ferocity if intellectual development of the species is to continue.

As mentioned on numerous occasions however, the writer's focus here is reserved for matters related to his writing or practical to its purpose.

Though if asked, a man would mention that finding examples of common sense in the wild today seems a lot more difficult than it used to be.

Thus with the two novels so far published content to languish upon the virtual retail shelves, the urge for self-preservation now prevails upon this most unsuccessful of the world's independently publishing novelists.  Most time or energy is again devoted to the entrepreneurial grind, with the search for sustenance receiving the best of it.

As is habit in these parts, the writer must wait longest for his turn.

At times like these, a writer much appreciates not inconveniencing an audience of great size by occasional extended absence.  For to tell the truth, unofficial status as 'world's most unpopular writer' appears factually achieved.

Though a dubious claim, it pleases a man to live in a world where such matters with reason are estimable.  After all, without the wonder of modern independent publishing as enabled by Amazon a man's literary work would remain a myth.

The response of some to the above statement might well be more's the pity.

In response to which a man repeats: c'est la vie!

Meanwhile though not displeased to serve a limited audience, a writer must also be pragmatic in response to the realities imposed by it.  For the effect of a limited audience is to make eating a challenge, absent an alternate source of income.

The reader may rest assured, this writer's dedication remains to art for its own sake.

A man however, must paraphrase a songwriter by mentioning that when the phone doesn't ring, you'll know it's me calling.

Until publishing the next novel in the fall, only as time allows will a man make known his whereabouts here.

Meantime, only your purchases encourage ~ or fund ~ writing more of them.

Thanks for sharing the blog.

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    May 9, 2017