Sunday, 9 February 2020

A call for evolution.

Literature isn't dead in Canada.

It's been co-opted, subsidised and corporatised to serve a fiscal agenda.  Only by returning to the roots of publishing independence is rejection of this illegitimate shadow regime possible.  Reject all so-called independent companies or businesses enabled by unaccountable government subsidies.  Reject the so-called literary art promoted by them.  Reject any practitioner, business or politician supporting their continued funding.

This is a call to evolution, not arms.

For time as ever calls for relentless change.

Solitary Press is dedicated to serving writers seeking independence.  As one of its founders, I’m also pleased to reveal our dedication to the above stated principles and talented writers sharing the same commitment.

All others should return to previously scheduled programming.

Solitary Press does not take money from any government.  We are an independent POD (Print On Demand) publisher.  Solitary Press is an imprint owned by a privately held Canadian corporation and a business operating for profit.  We neither pursue nor accept grants or financial assistance made available via the shadow world of political insiders popularly identified as arts funding organisations.

Inspired by the decades-long independent music career of the man from Harwill, the Solitary Press works for change in the world of professional arts in Canada.  Effective immediately, we call for immediate dismantling of the unaccountable government bureaucracy annually siphoning hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars into multi-national and small business purveyors of so-called Canadian culture.  These backroom operators, accountable to none but the privileged cliques controlling them, must at long last be denied.

For many decades, forces of cronyism and nepotism have controlled the shape of public and private discourse concerning not only literature but the entirety of Canadian arts.  Now, with the twenty-first century well underway and a generational moment of change at hand, the time has come to deny these privileged few this unearned and illegitimate access to virtually unlimited taxpayer funding.

As result of the worldwide rise of Amazon and their KDP publishing services, we now have technology necessary to rebuild the literary arts scene in Canada via an independent and tax-funding-free model most beneficial to artists.  For what was old is new again, and independent POD publishing offers freedom to pursue a supporting public without relying on tax dollars to make it happen.  This return to the democratic roots of publishing presents an opportunity to free artists and taxpayers from an unrecognised but incredibly destructive and creatively stunting burden.

As ever, we acknowledge that nothing is perfect all the time.  But to continue doing the same thing while expecting a different result is a widely accepted definition of insanity.  So, if you’re looking for someone to underwrite your expenses while doodling self-indulgent peons to individual interest, we’re not the publisher for you.  However, if a sounding board for artistic literary ideas, an editorial review of your work or help with the myriad details associating with publishing independently is what you’re after, we might be able to help.

Beware however, as a for-profit business, our assistance comes with conditions.  Though we’re certain they’re more generous than anything you’ll find elsewhere as our services are based on a percentage of sales of the books we publish.  Here’s the five-cent tour.  First, to engage our service does not require a cash transaction.  We instead require a six-month exclusive publishing term from which we derive whatever fees due to us and upon which we have mutually agreed.  After the six-month period ends, you can do what you like with your book, including leaving it with us to manage any ongoing record-keeping and future royalty distributions, once again based on a percentage of sales to which we have mutually agreed.  No matter if we earn anything publishing your book or not, by terms of this agreement you retain ownership of your work and its copyright.  Solitary Press serves strictly as the POD publisher, providing itemised accounting of all transactions annually as well as on demand.

If you’re a writer interested in knowing more or perhaps getting involved changing the world of Canadian publishing, drop me a line here or DM me on Instagram @tfprudenthewriter.

Meantime, thanks for sharing and watch for my latest novel ‘Where Some Roads End’ soon available on Solitary Press.

-          TFP
February 9, 2020

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