Saturday, 1 February 2020

Solitary Press ~ an independent publisher's POD imprint.

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Even by the usual standard, I've been busy, and some time has passed since my last post here.  To those who read along through the thirty-four-week serial publication of 'The Recalcitrant P.I.' I offer congratulations.  I hope your patience sorting through my postmodern experiment with the hard-boiled detective novel was rewarded.

As usual, amidst the madness I've managed to keep writing.

And though readily apparent to the author, it's perhaps worth recalling I've plied my trade as working artist most of my life and claim no interest in the practice of blogging.  Indeed, beyond its utility as internet platform hosting information about my novels, I've little interest in sharing opinions here or anywhere else aside from those found in my work.

I'm a writer.  I'm not a philosopher, and neither journalist nor politician.  As result, I much prefer keeping my own counsel.  For every keystroke provides opportunity to express the views I consider pertinent to most anything about this world we share.  And like most in the so-called democratic west, I'm provided a regular chance to make my feelings known come election time.

No matter which side might win or lose however, between elections a man does his best to mind his own business, keep the peace and live according to the rule of law.

As the writer meantime, I'm also free to choose the mediums in which my talents are deployed, and the novel remains for me the ultimate literary artistic form.  When writing, the tendency here is to avoid ~ as much as reason allows ~ contact with the world outside that alternate universe inhabited until its eventual completion.  And for this anti-social habit, I request no quarter from the now social-media driven world.  For it has long been my privilege to serve the demanding muse, and I hope most to continue doing so until my end.

This work has ever occupied much of my time as result, while most of that leftover is devoted to earning the daily bread.

Life as independent publisher while educational meanwhile, has also proven a resource and management challenge greater than imagined.  With launch of the Solitary Press imprint, publication of my next novel ~ number five for those counting ~ is assured.  In addition to the new book, I'm also hopeful release of 2nd Edition printings of the back catalogue ~ some with new covers ~ generates renewed interest and helps the fledgling indie press get off the ground.

By the time this posts, you should be able to check out the new 2nd Editions on Amazon, and perhaps add them to your personal library.

As shareholder in the new venture, my first step into a slightly more formal publishing environment has so far been a thrill.  Here's hoping it leads to adventures worthy of those encountered getting here, because I've started work on what will be my sixth novel with the comfort of knowing it has a receptive home awaiting its eventual arrival.

In the meantime, this month my latest tome will be released on Solitary Press in Paperback and Kindle eBook everywhere via Amazon KDP.  An allegorical fable with which I'm extremely pleased titled 'Where Some Roads End', I can't wait to share it.

Watch here or follow me on Instagram @tfprudenthewriter for more details coming soon and thanks for sharing the news.

And as ever, thanks kindly for being here.

February 1, 2019

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