Friday, 9 December 2016

A seasoned greeting.

I started this post with intention of keeping it short, despite a road paved with earlier attempts snickering at my back.

A hard-earned reputation by now has likely eliminated those readers expecting strict adherence to such instruction, rendering further attempt at exculpation unnecessary.  Should aversion to the practice of literary craft bordering the pedantic best describe a reader's taste however, what follows is unlikely a flavor of choice.

This writer suffering a peculiar addiction to it, despite offering less than noteworthy skills in manipulation makes no apology for the demonstration.

Due to the claim of writer made as vocation I have returned to work.

Once again with masochist pleasure the scribe must endure the rigor of literary creation to live up to now published pronouncements.  Far from a drama described, the real effect is to limit energy earlier devoted to care of the blog or similar marketing efforts maintained on behalf of it.

The writer must as result relay news of the published novels from a certain distance, with this post warning the reader of what is sure to be routine delay.

While offering no estimate of length aside from assurance it should not be extended.

The reader may trust continued appreciation of reviews published or ratings posted on behalf of the novels earn the writer's fond attention.  As is the accepted usual in these parts, personal details considered providing less value than necessary for entertainment will continue left to a reader's imagination.

This writer has after all, long considered doing as first necessity to being.

In these parts, the demand to practice that which a man claims for vocation is viewed as professional duty.

Another thing necessary before most everything else around here: accepting work as equal in value no matter the occupation.  Whether you swing a hammer or drive a truck, manage a network or fly a plane, play a musical instrument or write stories, either talent or craft earns the respect it deserves hereabouts.

As return of it meanwhile, is necessary to either reasoned or meaningful discourse.

Thus much like my fellows living here in the now frozen north, this writer exists not in a vacuum.

Sharing concerns expressed by many of them, I too might think myself forced to acknowledge the ascension of a self-described misogynist, publicly avowed racist, or a known bigot to the largely anecdotal position of 'leader of the free world'.  That abundant published evidence revealed that fellow an idiot while a separate concern would also no doubt require mention were such a circumstance to arise.

As many times earlier stated about such matters, the writer continues to withhold comment on affairs political.

Save to record serious concern for the unfettered rise of dangerous sentiment within the population or leadership of a neighbor held in high regard.

The writer is also fortunate to live in a sovereign nation suffering near countless problems of its own requiring devoted attention.  My effort like those of my fellow citizens is best focussed on the many challenges contained within its borders.

Much as our southern neighbors with great misfortune in recent time's demonstrate, when the job of living together in peace is left untended in a so-called free market or capitalist society, elemental discord on a grand scale soon festers.

The long denied yet always plain gulf between those that have or have not in our western democracies not only increases, but is far more divisive than earlier considered.

Despite no sign of sky falling locally, the rise of a de facto neo-fascist movement led by a populist madman in our geographical neighbor recalls with eerie similarity its pre-war rise a continent away only a century ago.  While appreciating the societal pendulum now but swings in response to natural if much less than rational perceptions of economic circumstance, this writer finds little comfort in the reactionary vicissitude.

The writer instead most hopes the inmates now in control of the asylum might be prevented from returning the planet to earlier levels of hatred well-documented by the historical record.

As accurate review of recent political discourse though unfortunate leaves little reason to doubt those refusing to learn from history will likely repeat it.

That a man would seek to ease such legitimate concern by reporting great satisfaction with early response to my latest novel release Grand Opening should thus be understood.  The second of these works to see publication, much like its predecessor the western Canadian novel so far earns praise for being unique in style if not substance.

The writer admits to being most pleased to discover his work rating notice of any kind in times such as these.

Thanks to everyone for supporting my ongoing literary efforts.

I'm also pleased to invite you to enter the Goodreads Giveaway of 5 autographed paperback copies of Grand Opening.  Click the link displayed atop the column on the side of the page to enter.

My advice: enter early, enter often!

To all who do the writer wishes the best of luck.

This is the last post I have planned for the calendar year.  Thanks again to those who support my work with the purchase of paperbacks or eBooks, it would not be possible without you.

I also send to the reader warm regards for the holiday season with salutations for a happy new year.

Thanks for sharing the blog.


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    December 10, 2016

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Grand Opening now available in eBook & Paperback.

I remain a fellow with an aversion to publicity despite the gregarious requirements of a now lengthy professional artistic history.

Publication of my second novel Grand Opening while satisfying to the extreme is thus an experience fraught with self-doubt and recrimination.  With the day arrived I offer my thanks to those pledging hard-earned coin-of-the-realm to judge necessity for the writer's concern at the link provided here.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy it.

By the time you read this post Grand Opening will be available most everywhere on earth in Paperback and eBook for the Kindle exclusive from Amazon.  To those who pre-ordered your eBook will arrive today, and I thank you very much for your support.  I again send my thanks to those who ordered autographed and inscribed Paperbacks, with confirmation you will find them soon arriving in the mail.

To purchase an author inscribed Paperback see the mail order page.

The writer with lingering reluctance accepts the unknown future result of another story's launch into the literary void.  For while experience doubtless prepares to an extent, only time reveals fate, as sure as each story's end begins a wait for the next ones start.  A transcriber of the journey whose limited value is only there found, this writer from necessity awaits both with ill-born patience.

I also love the writing for its own sake and hope you appreciate the results.

With alarming frequency, now is the time when author's make the confessional rounds espousing for posterity on the process and motivation behind their work.  Using television appearances, radio broadcasts, internet podcasts and weblogs everywhere a vociferous pontification related to character and plot of the latest tome with breathless urgency is soon unbound.  While received as service to either commerce or vanity, a claim of enhancing the reader's appreciation is by routine offered in explanation for the practice.

Those unfortunate to witness such unburdening will share an experience lacking either distinction or peculiarity and regarded with particular distaste hereabouts.

This writer believes neither artistic vanity nor critical opinion is best served by intimate discussion of vocational practice.  Neither does it improve the reader's entertainment, nor enhance such insight as discovered in the work.  For suggestion of wisdoms is incidental if apparent, as entertainment has ever been the writer's purpose.  To provide a few moments escape through humorous evaluation of one's self in a mirror held by his fellows delivers the greatest motivation here.

After all is said this fact remains; a man must have his laughs, and this writer hopes most to share them.

Not that a man would claim to share a sense of humor with many.  Neither is the work intended as comedy, nor its writer promoted as humorist.  The absurd nature of the temporal reality described is here considered proof of fact in most cases being sillier than fiction.  Little more than basic grammar is necessary to show the hilarity of such madness by literature depicted, though I will admit preference for laughs found nearest the gallows.

The reader is encouraged to blame a man if the taste isn't shared.

Were this writer an individual for whom such choice might be appropriate, these facts and more would now be confirmed, or as required denied.  In short order, biographical detail, personal interest, and yes, even artistic motivation might soon reveal.  Like a sinner in search of absolution, the desire for confession with its promised freedom from the burden of solitude could end with publication of but a few words.

In this case, I advise not to hold one's breath waiting for the day's arrival.

I will instead sign off with these few remarks before posing a question to the reader.  That significant variance in results and between examples of this writer's work exists is clear.  Despite lengthy processes intended to produce consistency used in creation, the works are individual, with strength and weakness discovered only by experience.

An artist like a man being always first a parent however, professional obligation plays a poor second when apportioning affection.

To expect a writer to deliver an unbiased review of his work is likewise believed here more than less impossible as result.  Under the influence of such conditions, a man believes it wise to accept any writer's public evaluation of his efforts with a grain, or perhaps even two, of salt.

The writer instead would pose to a reader this question: which of your children do you love best?

I'm pleased to share Grand Opening with you and doubtless too proud of it.  The reader is assured the writer considers it his best work to date.  I hope you enjoy my second novel to publish and encourage you to share your opinions of it, whatever they might be.  The link below leads to a Goodreads page for posting your rating or review of the novel, and I thank you in advance for your time.

I look forward to your review.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.


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    November 12, 2016

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Racism & Bigotry: One Canadian's Experience.

A few words on values, plus that which passes for news in these parts compose the latest post.

The search for humor in the face of relentless progress and its attendant madness as usual assumes first position among the writer's concerns.  While entertainment with certainty remains the focus however, a man must also make notice of the insanity that surrounds him, for history's sake if nothing else.

Only with trepidation however, does a man interject thoughts requiring more serious consideration here.

For it can be fairly stated I have made a practice of withholding reference to either specific opinion or personal political orientation throughout the course of what has been a most public life.  It must also be said this writer has made clear a disavowal of the practice of soapboxing by the unelected on matters of state, specifically as regards those fortunate to discover either fame or notoriety in the arts.  These opinions have mostly constrained the writer from declarations of serious political intent and for this both reader and scribe are best served.

Being aware that a single finger pointed elsewhere leaves three aimed at me makes MYOB a living philosophy often taken at face value in these parts.

Yet sometimes a man holding his tongue may both imperil society's peace and risk personal liberty.  At such moments, allowance must be made for circumstance extreme if those with a platform are to serve a greater good.  To place both reputation and safety at risk when encountering such a threat is here considered necessary if unwelcome.  For the forces of xenophobia and bigotry now lay siege to free society while power-starved politicians like piper's play a madman's tune, their avarice unperturbed.

Against such a societal backdrop the writer proffers this personal rumination.

For despite a less apparent amount of thought devoted to their consideration, discussion of values and beliefs lately assumes dangerous position on both national and international political stages.  The nation and its neighbor when forced to raise our collective skirts as result, reveal poor-hid undergarments of bigotry and racism underpinning attitudes and interests at all levels of society.

On national political stages and the streets of both nations a terrible debate rages, with life and death the issue for those in the visibly colored minority.

The shabby remonstrations of our political leaders and the popular media are revealed as little more than pleasantries mouthed to reassure a cowed majority in the face of weekly occurring and ever more terrible events.  An extended cacophony raised by the same majority in feigned surprise and real dismay at the face of outrage gives rise in this man ~ much to his dismay ~ to bitter recollection of personal experience of a despicable scourge.  Though desire to align in support or accordance with either faction does not here exist.

As required by his vocation, the writer remains an observer best served through disinterest in the outcome of the game.

To provide food for thought and nothing more, the writer likewise offers these thoughts for the reader's consideration. In the country where I live, citizens enjoy the relative freedom and protection afforded by a parliamentary democratic system.  As a nation, the rule of law is confirmed and enforced throughout the land, albeit with an assortment of flaws and inequities both unique to itself and common to systems implemented since time began.  Considered against its neighbor states, many of those living here do so with awareness of their extreme good fortune.

The majority of the citizenry including the writer is, rightly for the most part, secure in appreciating our luck.

In recent times however, the people of Canada have issued public declarations regarding the multicultural diversity of our nation.  The polls speak to a fading commitment to equality and cultural inclusion for all, values for which the nation in earlier times was applauded.  Despite effusive praise for our democratic freedom and social tolerance, the attitudes reported by a majority of Canadians veer now to racist bigotry and xenophobic nationalism.  From all corners, narrow claims are lately promoted with the smug assurance of privileged entitlement.

In the strident voice of assimilation, an emperor class that wears no clothes would dominate a land of ice and snow.

To preface the report with context, recall here in Canada each citizen of voting age is automatically granted the right.  As a democratic nation, Canada is a one person, one vote state, with citizens of voting age granted a single ballot.  In law and by constitution, men and women are equal in Canada. All citizens of Canada are assured equal benefit of the law, regardless of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age, or mental or physical disability.  While the information preceding is from time to time promoted as values, they paraphrase the civil rights ensured to all constituents of the nation.

In spite of being enshrined in the nation's constitution however, many of the country's citizens are by routine denied protection of these lofty sentiments.

The public assumptions claimed on behalf of life in Canada are similar to those found in many modern western democracies.  While not a matter of government policy, we are promoted as standing for values that enshrine equality and justice.  From time to time, proclamations describing the nation's belief in protecting the most vulnerable, the environment, and our democratic system are published.  With notable exceptions, national governments align with the most forward thinking and scientifically authenticated progress in matters great and small.  The country is, in the eyes of its citizens if not its neighbors, a good-doing nation founded on do-gooding principles.

The facts of private life in Canada however, differ in a variety of meaningful ways from public pronouncements on values, beliefs, and policy.

Also worth noting is Canada's status as a nation of immigrants.  From its first inhabitants to its latest, the peoples living within the national borders arrived from elsewhere.  While its Aboriginal residents arrived first, their European conquerors long ago assumed control of the nation and continent.

The historical narrative, much like the current news cycle, thus best reflects an image preferred by those in power.

As a less visible member of an Aboriginal minority group, my experience of life at home is unlike that of most of my fellow citizens.  Born into the Metis Nation, my pale skin and near Caucasian appearance has long been ascribed by my elder brother as due to being born on a cloudy day.  Meanwhile, the experience of both casual and institutional racism remains a fact of daily life for people of visibly apparent Aboriginal heritage in Canada.  With personal ethnic persuasion less apparent, the extent to which it permeates the society in which I live and work is revealed on so regular a basis it long ago ceased to shock.  It has never failed to disgust and anger the writer.

For due the relative paleness of his skin, the writer is often mistaken for not being what with routine distaste I hear referred to in Canada as a 'dirty native'.

In most cases, the mentioning party is blissfully unaware the 'dirty native' they refer to is, unbeknownst to them, me.  For in the only ways that matter ~ by birth and blood ~ the writer in the most absolute sense is the 'dirty native' toward whom the slur is directed.  The casual bigotry and racist epithets endured as result ~ often much worse than the example provided and voluminous ~ is outweighed only by the extremes of patience required to prevent what a younger man by habit considered a well-deserved physical assault in response.  As attorneys working on behalf of that young fellow assured, walking away is the only sure method of avoiding a lifetime of incarceration.

A fact worth noting by younger cousins; despite shameless racism and recalcitrant bigotry being a wide acknowledged personal assault, the only legal individual response is to ignore it.

The routine experience of racism directed at Aboriginal people here in Canada should be near impossible in a nation governed by high-minded principles.  If policy statements issued by national and regional government were factual, neither could it exist within the institutions of a nation whose official position is multiculturalism.

Yet at all levels of Canadian society and government both slobbering racism and its idiot cousin bigotry not only persist but thrive.

To those who would deny the experience of me and the thousands of people sharing my Aboriginal heritage, the writer invites you to review the public record.  Actions have always spoken louder than words and the acts of Canada's government and its institutions are undeniable.

While making up less than four per cent of the nation's population, Aboriginal peoples approach twenty-four per cent of Canada's prison population.

The historical record despite adjudication after the fact also speaks, clear and with brutal eloquence, for Canada.  As the son of a survivor of the Residential Schools, in this writer's case, it shouts.  The opinions here expressed are thus qualified by heritage, confirmed by history, and informed by a lifetime of living and working here.

The writer learned through bitter personal experience that racism and bigotry of all stripes remains an evil flourishing nationwide in Canada.

This knowledge must inform any discussion of national or individual belief or value, political or otherwise.  For the writer like all Aboriginal people in Canada, lives under the ever present yoke of racism and bigotry each day.

Those unwilling to accept these facts are willful or ignorant in denial of this greatest of all stains upon the national character.

That the writer is fortunate to live a life of relative leisure and comfortable routine as result of birth into a western democracy of secular progress and democratic freedom is not here denied.  Likewise neither is innocence claimed, nor call for revolution raised.  A man with respect for not only good fortune but its alternative, evolution is the path both promoted and desired.  For though a stain so public and shameful can seem ineffable, to surmount it as a nation we must first accept it lives within our institutions and in the hearts of many citizens.

With the 21st century now well under way, the time for consignment of Canada's racist and bigoted beliefs to history long ago passed.

This has nothing to do with reparations.  It has everything to do with respect.  Here you will find no interest in public apologies.  A demand for education and establishment of personal equality takes its place.  As a law-abiding citizen and taxpayer, the writer seeks no individual special treatment.  Freedom from the ongoing persecution of Aboriginal peoples by the narrow minded, bigoted, and ignorant here in Canada is desired.  In such a country as that, any man would be proud to call himself a citizen.

In exchange for it, a man could live in harmony and at all time be relied upon to celebrate the greatness of the nation.

With the continued absence of such a Just Society however, and in all matters either individual or societal, disagreement in a democratic nation is expressed via the ballot, not the bullet.  This is a hard and fast rule of our way of life, essential to our civilization, enshrined in our constitution, and protected by our laws.  Through conflict and disagreement of all kinds, we must always preserve in the name of our shared freedom a commitment to law abiding and peaceful discourse.

The writer without hesitation commits and submits to the evolutionary process of securing justice for all as prescribed by the rule of law.

Turning now to matters more pleasant upon which to report, I'm thrilled to remind the reader my second novel Grand Opening publishes next month!  With the mighty Amazon again providing service as publisher, November 12, 2016, is the date of release in both paperback and eBook for the Kindle.  To pre-order your inscribed and autographed paperback copies by mail order now, contact me here by email.

I hope you enjoy Grand Opening.

For those seeking additional insight into the local madness meanwhile, a mailing list is now under construction.  If you would like to join it, you're invited to contact the writer via email with ADD ME in the subject line.  The list proposed is virtual, meaning it will operate via email only.  Intended to function informally while featuring the usual mystifying array of subversive intentions, it will be largely personal and entirely private.

The address is available by clicking the profile.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

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    October 8, 2016

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Of intent and desire.

Yet more thoughts on literature and the happenstance that passes for local news is subject of the months' post.

A glimpse into the underpinnings of the mad process that make up its creation here is offered the reader, with no explanation aside from personal interest provided.  From time to time, a man will give way to the call of vanity and the writer makes no attempt to deny it.  To borrow a couple of two-dollar words to describe it, dialectic of literary convention and philosophy here ensues.

That a slave to the passions the writer is, was, and likely always will be meanwhile is made apparent enough by his work.

For here is rejected, in whole and entire, the philosophical concepts and sociological theories described to support 'the death of the author'.  By lifestyle and works, in citizenship and geography, this writer long ago embraced many of the philosophical concepts associated with 'the civilization of the book' often applied to the western world.

While rejecting in full the concept and promotion of theology.

            The literary practice is here also considered acknowledgement of the primacy of language among the various collective expressions of civilization known on earth.  Though like politics, science, and philosophy, language is here viewed as a construct of the species, both necessary to collective survival and from time to time beautiful in articulation.  In fact, construction of these pillars of shared knowledge is accepted by the writer as enabling the traditions that established cultures and fueled the history of our kind.

For what is now understood as 'the world' exists only to the degree that collective communication allows description of it.

The undistorted mirror is also here considered that most disposed to provision of both accurate history and necessary entertainment on behalf of the species.  In these parts, literary fiction is accepted as representing the tool of choice for those seeking to best construct a device of such inestimable capabilities.  Though it should also be said, and remembered too, that such a path is hairs' breadth narrow and dogleg straight, with passage far from assured for those choosing to walk it.

While any man may without doubt have his fun, he must always be willing, if on occasion less than able; to pay what price is asked for it.

The ability to state the concepts with great effect proves the theory.  For understanding the temporal environment would be impossible in the absence of them.  Description is possible only by development of the construct of language.  Geographic and archaeological history though highly repetitive in temporal fact, is transmuted best by records written using it.  The ability to understand anything is likewise enabled only by development of appropriate and reliable constructs widely disseminated.

Though the wheel goes round, each generation can only see everything as something new.

The intentions of a writer meanwhile are considered here described by a text as published, either in printed form or via the eBook as current technology allows.  Appreciation for such work demands acknowledgement of the information presented on either printed or virtual page as original in thought and construction.  While enjoyment of it remains a matter of taste, those in search of something other than an individual testament are here thought best served by looking elsewhere.

Those works published by this writer likewise describe an intention known by none but their author.

While analysis and discussion of both intent and meaning is the desired result of much fiction published, none but its writer may know the facts of either.  By using a variety of invented constructs including but not limited to inference and hope, the reader would seek mollification of a seeming instinctive need to inhabit, in mind if not body, what we understand as individuals and collectively to be 'the other'.  In this way a solitary practice performed by a single writer is transformed into a unifying force on behalf of the community.  For while a writer's intentions without doubt provide fiction with its form, its function as a novel is best described by its reader.

Was this not the case, many writers likely would not seek publication.

The less publicized curse of a writer is thus revealed as being that the urge to tell a story is assuaged only in part by its writing.  Those desiring entrance to the fraternity would with certainty be forearmed by this knowledge, but on rare occasion is it shared and in most cases only after the fact.  In such matters as this, more often proves worth the pity.  However, while fuel for discussion aplenty with certainty remains, but a glimpse was to the reader promised.  A last comment is left for your consideration.

A novel lives to be read, though like beauty, the joy of its achievement is little affected by absence of appreciation.

To wit; let us now turn to publicizing and promoting the latest tome gifted to the world via effort of this cranky scribe.  My second novel Grand Opening is available for exclusive pre-order on the Kindle reader from Amazon now.  You can buy it in paperback ~ my favorite reading medium ~ exclusively from Amazon beginning November 12, 2016, when Kindle pre-orders will also be delivered.  I'll post ordering details with web links as soon as I have them here on the blog.  Thanks very much for your support, and thanks also for spreading the word about Grand Opening.

This writer hopes for nothing more than you to enjoy it.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

                 - TFP
                    September 15, 2016

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Help wanted ~ apply within.

   A request for reviewers and the latest news provides subject for the months' post.

   As usual, entertainment of reader and scribe is the primary intent, with the review request a secondary motive. The writer while enlightened by the practice does also ~ in most cases is supposed ~ receive a greater portion of the laughs.

   Such is the privilege of those wielding the metaphorical pen.

   The writer must again state for posterity that to promote the habitual practice of writing an internet blog is not intended by this site or its author. Neither do social commentaries or biography provide purpose to the semi-regular missives published here. The often self-promoting and occasionally personal discourse found hereabouts is delivered as promotion of a literary habit long endured by the site operator.

      No more, and most often less, is recorded here.

      For despite a commitment to write novels made decades earlier, this writer holds, neither now nor in the past, little interest for making up stories. That fact should compose plot and behavior provide theme is required here, as it has long been considered necessary to engaging fiction. A decade's long process of discovery, experience, and reflection, prior to putting pen to page, is believed essential to such work.

      That a man needs something to do and a job worth doing is worth doing well are notions taken as gospel in these parts.

      To state the aesthetic plain, the joy derived from literature is here considered greatest when depiction of an existential condition potentially shareable by reader and fictional character is achieved. The best of it delivers hours of entertainment while realistically fictionalizing the facts of behavior and circumstance either related, observed, or experienced by its writer. From the daily grind of temporal experience, the celebrated pathos of the everyday provides the canvas for such literature. To craft fiction reflecting the ambiguity of existentialism while respecting the tradition of the realistic novel is the goal of the writer working here.

       Upon respect for such traditions is the local practice founded, and in support of them does the work prevail.

        Accusations of either ignorance or failure so far outnumber even those that damn as artless the sole published example of this fiction to date. As the relative anonymity of its existence provides the background against which the writer works. Though counter intuitive the binding of a singular compulsion is reliably excised by habitual pursuit of the addiction in this case. An ignominious perseverance is thus revealed responsible for it, up to and including publication of the ersatz blog.

       With enthusiasm scant as either popular or critical appeal, it is yet considered good fortune for the writer to be in the grip of an obsession so strong.

        For no matter the financial result, to the writer crafting it the fiction published delivers significant reward.  The psychic and emotional relief granted by routine practice of the low margin literary habit most times is beyond assignment of a monetary value. Though what to the writer seems apparent can be less so to the reader. To give a more specific explanation, a joy akin to no other is received in exchange for the mind-wringing effort of creating fiction. The blog meanwhile, serves as the platform from which to market and promote interest and sale of the resulting publications in novel form.

        Consider it an interpretation of a sales pitch on the television shopping channel for a product of questionable value.

        Like a variation on the theme of hocking semi-useless gadgetry some find irresistible which the majority live in blissful ignorance of, the blog site functions as cheap promotion of harmless entertainment. Though what the writer considers harmless, some readers might find unpalatable is best mentioned as is an individual taste in humor and the temporal nature of the content.

         An even hand requires mention of it.

         Not that the writer would imply the presence of an even hand despite acknowledging the need for it. In all cases experience has colored the objectivity of the narrator here and to deny it would be more than foolish. Acceptance of an authors' bias, whether due to time or circumstance, is always best recalled when judging the results. The so-called 'search for truth' ~ an ethereal concept at best in a relativistic universe ~ is believed by this writer pointless. While the facts of either individual or collective temporal experience are considered leaving less room for doubt.

          The passage of the seasons is accepted here as example of a factual experience collectively shared.

          In the literary recording of assorted facts of behavior and circumstance as fiction, is found by this writer both relevance and merit. The comparison of shared values with individual actions under specific pressures of nature and nurture there documented provides for its reader both regular entertainment and occasional insight. A fictional recollection of the temporal facts, assembled with enough humor and coherence to entertain, compose the works published as novels in these parts.

          The published fiction and its reviews are considered by this writer examples of individual experience truthfully shared.

           There is significant difference between the two. While the former with certainty influences the resulting work, the material effect of the latter is potentially vast. Just as collective experience is easily recorded while that of the individual by definition remains unknowable. As occupants of the temporal universe; at all times we are by necessity forced to rely on the subjective record provided by a narrator of unknown reliability.

           That's a factual experience considered here both individually and collectively shared.

           An individual act of fiction writing can thus be viewed as promoting the collective act of writing yet more of it. Consideration of neither quality nor technique is necessary to what seems a largely self-replicating equation. Publication sparks what appears a self-sustaining cycle of action and reaction with a potential approximating the mythical perpetual motion machine.

           The writer considers it an individual experience of fact collectively shared as fiction.

           To seek such thankless consideration can with ease be labeled foolhardy and by little effort branded nonsensical. Thus most adopting the habit are well served by establishing and adhering to a codified set of values defining and constraining the activity of their founder. In such vein has the reliable caution to writers of all stripes long been to write only of what you know.

           A practise founded on such principle may be respected if not shared, despite either technical merit or commercial result achieved by its practitioner.

            By publication of his work the writer declares allegiance to this purpose. Despite a clear preference for fantasy in modern literature, the writing of literary realism is believed here intrinsically valuable if not literally so. A want for existential perspective and experience potentially shared remains a need if only for the few. That minority seeking such entertainment in novel form will find here publishing a kindred spirit.

           In commitment to the service does this writer endeavor to persevere.

           With great pleasure I now report availability of FREE review copies of my soon-to-be-published second novel 'Grand Opening'. While not on sale until November, a variety of eBook formats are available in exchange for publishing a review of it to the location of your choice. A page for your reviews of the novel will soon be available on Goodreads and you're encouraged to also publish your response to 'Grand Opening' there.

           To receive an Advance Reading Copy of 'Grand Opening' in the eBook format of your choice for review, contact the writer by email. The address is found by clicking on my profile.

           Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

            - TFP
               August 27, 2016

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The latest big news.

A few words on the latest literary happenstance are offered the reader this month.

The writer uses limited editing and brevity as watchwords of the discourse, in honor of the platform from which it extends. For affairs related to the promotion and marketing of literary work proceeds at a pace best described as leisurely in these parts.

Like the glacial pace of his output, the writer appears to derive little pleasure seeking to speed an increase in popularity, that much is also plain.

So it is that first novel 'A Dog and His Boy' languishes near the bottom among the ever-extending list of unknown literary works. With little effort or expense invested to support its exposure or reputation to expect an alternate result would be pointless.

No doubt, was notoriety the intent of its publication failure is the sure result.

The writer next proceeds, in full awareness of these factors, with publication of a second novel. A completed manuscript is now submitted with formatting and cover design again provided courtesy US specialty firm Indie Designz.

The writer is pleased to confirm the excellent work and quality service delivered by Dafeenah at Indie Designz.

As earlier mentioned here the second novel is to be published in paperback and eBook formats, again using the Createspace and Kindle platforms provided by Amazon. The writer proceeds with every intention of investing similar effort and expense in its promotion as he did on behalf of the first novel if not a lesser amount.

In a world as mad as this one, to consider alternatives is laughable.

While mad the temporal universe no doubt objectively remains, the writer continues to offer no comment on circumstances beyond the literary. The choice to keep his own counsel regarding concerns extra to literature is neither wisdom nor disguise, but a decision arrived at after much reflection.

Despite previously reporting neither consideration nor adoption of it the position has long been accepted as usual here.

To sum it, a man thinks far more than he says and shares much less than that. As does the writer make a practice of leaving the reader with more questions than answers. The philosophy thus demonstrated is the practical terms of a style of life and conduct both promoted and preferred.

A man thereby is free to have his say in peaceful coexistence with his fellows.

To regularly stray from the path must also be accepted as in keeping with the rogues' character afflicting the writer. The result of this occasional deviance is from time to time destructive and most times unavoidable due to personality and situation. An appreciation of this fact is necessary if understanding the capricious temperament often displayed by the mercurial scribe is the readers' goal.

It appears crazy might be more than a state of mind.

On that note, I'll wish a happy birthday to the late, great, much missed, always loved, and ever lamented, W.J. Pruden, gone but not forgotten.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

  July 26, 2016

Monday, 6 June 2016

Peace in rest.

A short update regarding affairs of the pen and explanation for the altered state of the posting schedule here at the blog are provided the reader this week.

The break from fiction writing continues in these parts though activities various fill most days more than complete.  For the writer if not admitting a need to rest no doubt benefits by the receipt of it.  With passing days the relentless demand to assemble words eases and a baleful stress ignored is once again, if only for a time, unburdened.

Neither burning desire nor soaring need so great exists to exceed the real joy of not working at a daunting craft.

For good reason the writer is renowned for extended breaks from his work.  The effect of the stuff itself upon him is beyond sustaining.  While in mental and emotional terms the demand is great the damage experienced physically is also most severe.  A habit known to wreak results such as those wrought by this practice is one best managed with strict adherence to a protocol devised to limit them.

That a man's survival is enhanced by knowledge only so much as he allows it to alter his behavior is also acknowledged.

In practical terms after six months of weekly posts until further notice the schedule here at the blog is now established as monthly.  For the work of turning three manuscripts into novels completed during the previous few calendar years leaves the writer near exhausted.  A need for time and space sufficient to refill the creative well arrives.  As desire to engage in the more routine demands of the temporal world returns.

While rest is doubtless better than change, the latter most often must suffice in the absence of time for restoration.

The writer must now pursue promotion of his published first novel and exposure of the second soon to appear rather than creation of new works.  A historic weakness in the areas of publicity seeking and marketing expertise notwithstanding the mysterious tasks will be worried with the usual tenacity.  In due time results appropriate to the fumbling effort will be apparent.

The writer looks forward to delivering at least a few laughs to the reader by document of his results.

I must also choose this month to break established protocol and share thoughts of a more worldly nature than normally revealed here.  The unfortunate passing of a great and powerful inspiration from my youth took place recent to when I wrote this post.  While not specifically known for literary work his gift for rhyme and metre once spread around the globe like the fame he so deservedly earned.  A man first known for warrior skill and bravado would eventually provide an undeniable example of personal integrity and universal love that continues to inspire people everywhere.

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, has left the building.

I offer my condolences to his family, friends, and fans everywhere.  For all he did and did not do, may The Champ rest in peace.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
June 6, 2016

Monday, 2 May 2016

Now time to rest.

The time for rest, after more than three years of near unbroken labor, has again arrived.

A few thoughts on the theory backing the rapidly aging writer's approach to his work are this week offered.  For only after decades of a regular practice is he now known for creative bursts of varying length.

While not unbroken these periods, proved by time reliable, on occasion result in the appearance of the prolific.

Though an erroneous conclusion the pattern repeats and thus the mistake is as easily understood as the events themselves are unpredictable.  A routine of work and a lifetime of discipline meanwhile leave ample proof of the formulas' success in the guise of an ever-extending catalog of completed works in music and literature.

While significant commercial appreciation is regularly limited both artistic and technical merit by routine is there demonstrated.

The writer, exhausted by the withering demand of obsession coupled to a compulsion born in youth, endeavors yet to persevere.  Though long ago embracing the nightmare swings of mood and temper oft accompanying such a gift years of alternating darkness and light must also be accepted as collateral results.

For a man must suffer willingly the tides of either fate or dissolution in pursuit of art's false promise of immortality.

The writer though steadfast in youthful refusal in time ceded real control of life and circumstance to it.  Despite much effort and years expended in education, training, and vocational efforts of varying success, the battle for control ultimately was lost.  That record left to history best describes the result.

The writer's words mark the goods for which he paid.

A time of rapid change is mirrored by society as the mood shifts here and the writer is encouraged by the coincidence.  An opportunity to turn away from the desperate obsession and toward activity relieving an endless compulsion might soon arrive.  While not assured yet another escape from the purgatory of a singular craft is glimpsed on the distant horizon.

A man hopes he might find at least brief freedom there.

For the artistic well refills during long periods while the writer lives in darkness.  Though miserable throughout the absence of obsession the compulsion too is denied by the lingering dark.  While the rapid aging penman is left to languish, and can only hope for its return.

Those who make things up are not known to suffer such affliction.

The life of the writer during these periods is given then to efforts distant from the creative activity governing it.  Often found on stage and sometimes even gainfully employed mental distraction and physical engagement is sought as a sentence of unknown length is served.  Many years and some decades have on occasion passed waiting for the return of madness driving the work resulting from it.

So far, the writer has been spared the devastation of its total loss.

Though evidence reveals his fate may lie in better hands without the imposition of the creative lunacy.  For success achieved in vocational pursuits outside the arts with reliability exceeds that experienced in the field.  The terrible financial toll extracted by this obsessive fixation meanwhile exceeds even that of the undeniable emotional devastation levied by an urgent compulsion.

A man must thus make preparation for an unknown future while the sullen mist of the creative fog drifts in mystery at his wake.

I'm also pleased to let you know that 'A Dog and His Boy' will be available for FREE download beginning May 7, 2016, on Amazon.  Kindle owners have access to the book until May 11 and I encourage all readers to share the news.  Click the 'Kindle' page here or head over to your local Amazon site and enjoy the novel.

The writer looks forward with interest to reading more of your reviews.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
May 2, 2016