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To order Paperback copies inscribed by the author send your cheque or money order in the amount of $25 (Canadian Funds) per copy ordered payable to 1986041 Alberta Ltd.

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1986041 Alberta Ltd.
P.O. Box 611
Thorsby, AB, T0C 2P0

Written in a constrained minimalist style, my novels explore various walks of postmodern life shared by Indigenous and immigrant peoples populating the geography known today as western Canada. There, in renderings of ordinary but unforgettable characters experiencing tragedy common to the everyday, questions relevant to a future undeniably shared are posed.

The spartan prose and meticulously plotted narratives feature few, if any discernible heroes. Instead, life's endless temptations confront an intricately woven community spanning the individual novels, to ultimately render a montage of unblinking contemporary history. Where much as most of us do, people search for answers despite the ruthless grind of uncelebrated and often intentionally blurred reality.

Successfully juxtaposing classic realism with postmodern nonlinear intertextuality, these novels demand an emotional response from the reader despite consistently adhering to the ironic understatement of the 'iceberg' technique stylistically unifying them. Scrupulously layered, each delivers not only moments of light entertainment but a stoic individual response to the profound absurdity found at the heart of existence. And though necessarily biased, I encourage you to read them, and to perhaps answer the many questions waiting there for yourself.

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