Thanks for visiting and welcome.

I'm the novelist known as T.F. Pruden, responsible for the writings here and the novels that may have led you to this site.  You're welcome to call me Tim, or TFP, as many close to me do.

For as reader of my fiction, you've been closer to me than most.

I've been writing since childhood.  From early days as romantic teenage poet, through years of rejection as purveyor of short story, script or screenplay, to later notoriety earned writing songs, the pen has led me on an eventful journey.  To this writer, these novels I've managed to complete represent the great achievement of my artistic life.

Most days, for that I've been grateful.

The desire to write novels has always driven my work.  A voracious reader growing up in the wilderness of western Canada, for reasons unknown writing seemed natural and necessary as breathing to my younger self.  Since then, I don't recall anything aside from heartbreak that's occupied the first place in what I understand as my consciousness.

Ever little more than slave to a passion, I spent my life honing the craft while in search of stories worth telling.  Though fortunate to earn a living in the show business for many years, I've also done time in a variety of professional occupations that routinely appear in my fiction.  A devotee of the 'write what you know' school, only experience shows up in print here.

I consider myself a writer of humorous noir fiction with literary aspirations, but try most to deliver an emotional experience to the reader.  First and foremost, I seek to make you feel.  Often experimental in design, whether creating discomfort with content or crafting difficulty as result of style, the sensual appeal of my novels is deliberate, for better and worse.

Aside from that, I much prefer allowing the writing to speak for itself.

December 21, 2019