Monday, 25 April 2016

A third novel complete.

A few less considered thoughts on new works completed and the ongoing fight for patience are bid the reader in this post.

The writer, most pleased at recent completion of a third novel, must now battle excitement which threatens to spoil the weekly prose.  A contentious situation sure to vex even the experienced, yet such pleasure is the want of those who raise the pen in pursuit of literary accomplishment.  With any luck, the reader will benefit in humor if not in fortune by a hurried explanation.

At worst, the writer may discover his overweening editorial urge curbed by exhaustion.

For completion of new works, either literary or musical, is cause for joyous celebration here though demonstration is limited.  The writer as vocational artist appreciates nothing so much as producing something new and original.  Be it desire to make a statement or the need to eat, this life depends upon it.  As stated often here, historically the writer neither lacks for something to say nor likes to miss a meal.

An ever-expanding catalogue of works like his waistline meanwhile provides metaphorical proof to the simile's pudding.

With a third novel now complete the writer is pressed to a limit too soon reached for the patience to withhold a mad rush to publish.  While counterintuitive that a fellow who waited decades to publish a single word of personally crafted fiction might lack forbearance the proof is undeniable.  Few things experienced by the hapless scribe so far match the fearful hurry now imparted by the complete but unpublished manuscript.

For on rare occasion has mortality, to the writer, appeared either less binding or more difficult.

These few words are thus offered to posterity in case the writer's memory should hence come unglued as result of being taxed to the extremes of detail and complexity.  Or the unannounced end without pronouncement at last arrives.  The fictional history created is left for the reader to decipher.  While the actual life of its creator remains a private domain.  Aside from published examples of either literature or music.

A man being more than his work is also best recalled as wholly separate from it.

The established publishing schedule has previously been mentioned here and with purpose.  For a man's word is not given without consideration.  To do as has been said is a fundamental demand in these parts.  While a relative few words are in fact spoken those that are require not repeat but acquiescence.

To be is to do while to act in accordance with intent is required at all times.

A need for time near pressing as that for money is appreciated as usual in the independent world of literary publishing.  The time is necessary for a variety of good reasons including building awareness with an audience of readers and critics.  Meanwhile coin of the realm remains the necessary evil underpinning all things in a world of free markets.  To attempt the conduct of most vocational effort without great respect and appreciation for each is a fools' practise.

The writer while stubborn and willful as routine avoids such pointless work.

So an extended wait to reveal the latest tomes, despite each being complete and entire, now begins.  The collecting of funds with which to pay for the production and distribution of each is by necessity shortly undertaken.  A pursuit of work aside from literary next takes the stage.  The writer by need soon withdraws while the alter ego prepares again for public ascension.

In practiced routine does the end of one labor mark again the start of another.

The notion of patience as a virtue seldom learned is accepted here.  The writer despite lacking a semblance of it in great respect holds the truism.  Though transfixed by vanity and ruled by egotism the appreciation prevents behavior undermining it.  Once again the demand for restraint is heeded despite real fear of its potential.

The writer would live to see his work born despite none being assured tomorrow.

Thus a previously established schedule earlier stated yet holds regarding the independent publishing of this literary work.  With first novel 'A Dog and His Boy' having so far accumulated scarce enough attention to make it widely known, to hurry the release of more seems both impractical and pointless.  That second novel 'Grand Opening' will publish later this year while again confirmed is also accepted as perhaps too soon.  The eventual release of the third novel, now complete, the following year may yet place future success in jeopardy.

Despite representing the effort of a lifetime perhaps nothing better describes the value of the writer's work more accurately than the world ignoring it.

That being a routine case the writer chooses the stoic path in accordance with usual preference.  Should a change in response to his efforts occur the reaction to it will, one hopes, be appropriate to the circumstance.

With absence of it leaving the tried to continue appropriate service as true.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 25, 2016

Monday, 18 April 2016

A contest of privacy versus publicity.

A few thoughts related to the writer's ongoing want for privacy versus his work's need for publicity are explored this week.

As usual, the ideas here provided are personal and meant for entertainment.  For while the world has developed a recent fascination with instruction the writer continues to value musings related to process.  Those looking for someone to tell them either what to do or how to do it are thus best served searching elsewhere.  What is available at this blog is a report of circumstances ridiculous.  What is not is a path to either education or enlightenment.

As a fellow pursuing an independent vision the writer also encourages it.

Thus another of the intractable realities of the life ongoing is highlighted with suitable reluctance this week.  As the battle to decipher the seeming endless conundrums governing survival and creative success continue the hapless scribe remains driven by the desire.  Despite economic downturn and advancing years the habits of a lifetime, with scant explanation, are clung to with stubborn diligence.

Faced with ever-worsening circumstance, the writer remains listed among those few who appear too foolish to desist.

Explanation for the success or failure of the work and by extension its creator is from time to time mentioned here at the blog.  While rare the occasional mention of the various difficulties encountered and the many differences of goal and opinion is here noted.  The writer with little exception has revealed more than a few of the persnickety and disagreeable habits assisting in his careers continued languish.  Not for nothing are those identified as prodigious talents allowed to waste.

For much more than talent is needed to achieve popular success in most fields.

The writer being known for mercurial temper and strong opinions was long ago discovered a challenge with which to work.  A near addiction to solitude and a preference for a pace of life more appropriate to the nineteenth century than the twenty-first serves as yet another limiting factor.  While a man of significant energy known for the extremes of dedication the writer is also understood to be less than accepting of the routine demands of industry or economics.  Much like a hibernating beast he appears to best function only when removed from the daily activity of the world around him.

To find success in an activity other than sleep in such a case must be accepted as only usual.

The value of publicity is on permanent display in our civilized society while the distaste for privacy grows daily around the world.  With our wired lives now serving personalized demands for time and money courtesy online advertising delivered to all via the now ubiquitous internet the new reality is undeniable.  A growing commitment to sharing information both personal and specific is encouraged among the masses and the corporate world rushes to take advantage.  Despite the cautions of many the population rushes headlong to a trough prepared for their hurried consumption.  To consider the contents of the beverage or its eventual effect meanwhile is left to history.  The need to taste the new overrides both caution and the formerly common sense.

Like lemmings the ignorant follow their corporate leaders over the edge of an unseen cliff.

The writer only with hesitation and despite real need thus proceeds at a relative glacial pace along the path of independent promotion.  Though the success of his work is paramount protection of personal privacy is also held in great esteem.  For even publishing this blog represents a significant invasion while providing limited return.  As wish to avoid the traffic overhead ~ and implied support ~ created by advertising limits the commercial potential of it.

For sale or promotion of product or service beyond the work of the writer is not the purpose here.

That even the vehicle used for this purpose is means to secure personal and private information on behalf of its provider is also a known fact.  The modern fallacy of free goods and services, despite its wide acceptance in the age of the internet, is only that.  Each instance of software or hard goods offered with no financial cost returns real value to its provider as information about its consumer.  Though most ignore the factual reality of the situation no sense is found denying its effect.  For that known as 'the sharing economy' enriches only those properly identified as oligarchs while reducing individuals to a source of content.

The world has devolved into a corporate data mine with the inhabitants its ore.

Despite accepted terms of nationality the writer is not nor has ever been known for apology.  The habit extends to neither behavior nor result as in most cases explanation is assumed apparent to those of sufficient intelligence.  Those lacking the required mental capability are thought best left to misunderstand to their hearts' content.  That some will and have been displeased by this position meanwhile is accepted here with limited concern.  The writer is devoted to an individual pursuit whose sole value requires the opinion of his audience ~ however limited it may or may not be ~ is stubbornly ignored.

In the vernacular of the times content is esteemed while profit is a secondary, and distant, concern.

The latest news reveals more good reviews of first novel 'A Dog and His Boy' appearing while work on novel number three nears completion.  In spite of failing energy the real effort of releasing second novel 'Grand Opening' must soon begin.  Pertinent information, posted as the date approaches, is soon available via the usual outlets.  The hope for increased sales continues despite the limitations of independent promotion and thanks are offered to you, the reader, either again or in advance, for your much-needed support.

Without it there can be no continuing.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 18, 2016

Monday, 11 April 2016

The satisfied mind.

The stuff of dreams is that which drives me and for it I make no apology.

To the achievement of them, though fleeting and most often illusory in eventual result, much effort with certain commitment has long been devoted.  That less glory than preferred by critics was in most cases sufficient to their owner is also acknowledged though the writer considers it of no account.

Those who would live with a satisfied mind are best dedicated early to their purpose.

Thus I have with relish lived for the doing and the seeing and the knowing.   For what I could discover about pursuits various and their effects with great satisfaction have I invested the effort of body and mind.  The facts of each vocational practice interested the writer and no more.  To dispense with homilies grounded in ignorance and discover through personal experience the temporal reality of a singular devotion.

Minus the homespun nonsense passed off as wisdom surrounding most vocational pursuits.

If a dollar were paid each time either amateur or vocational critic described how yet another professional activity personally unknown to them is best performed money would no longer be a concern for those so employed.  For as the historical record shows none but the onlooker in blissful ignorance possesses the hubris to attempt as routine to describe with accuracy an unfamiliar occupation.  Those doing the work meanwhile are most times sufficiently overwhelmed by it to forsake such a professionally invasive activity.  Thus an appreciation for the cognitive dissonance of temporal reality versus the stuff of dreams most accurately reflects the dichotomy of the writer's experience.

The time-honored journalistic tradition of printing the myth instead of the facts is reflected best by our society's continuing belief in them.

Near as much time is spent debunking fable as pursuing perfection of talent in the arts and experience would expose this as not uncommon to many vocational pursuits.  Artistic fields though perhaps afflicted no more than others as sources of wide fascination are also among the most visible.  Thus the plethora of misleading lore and nonsensical misconception surrounding their vocational practice is apparently greater if not actually so.  Familiarity breeds not only contempt but also ignorance seems by logical extrapolation the inevitable yet disappointing result.

Like an iceberg the factual basis of most professions is found only by looking beneath a surface visible to the onlooker despite folk tales to the contrary.

Now decades into a lifestyle choice seeming born to the writer is long past concern for sharing either practical instruction or vocational insight.  To reveal a magician's trick was not then nor will be now my purpose.  The celebration of its practice in all cases has been.  Result is left for time to judge.  A commitment kept, and no more is thereby recorded and the limited posterity available to our kind is thus honored.  While of no great significance the record of it here acknowledged is with joyful appreciation commemorated.

From the stuff of simple dreams is that of which this writer's life was made.

Though renowned for being unwilling to suffer fools, patience is a virtue much prized in these parts.  A life led in the public eye leaves a man often subject to the routine attempts at insight of his fellows.  Most times regarding a field unknown to them and often driven by ignorance.  Despite the misery endured a personal response is usually withheld.  This despite great displeasure at being forced to politely endure the misinformation routinely parsed as learned insight.  As mentioned previously here the world has lately developed a rash of critics and now drowns in pulpits from which they pour misguided attempts at philosophy.  The explanations vigorously postulated are superseded only by the volume of topics on which the categorically unqualified expound.

While pulling for the meek to inherit the writer holds the species best hope is that it not be by the weak of mind.

Certain criticism recently leveled is here declared beyond the pale however and to them a reasoned response is offered.  In matters related to artistic pursuits and career choices the writer has earned the right to his response due to a lifetime invested in the honest toil.  Those who would rest at home or watch from the sidelines of the field of play however earn no share of either spoils of victory or honor of defeat.  I state here for the record their feckless bleating while growing in volume contains not a single dram of either personal or professional integrity.  For the price of a respected opinion is commitment to the vocational pursuit about which you would speak.

The opinions of those lacking such commitment like their earnings are best recorded on a pay cheque and held private.

The dollar value reflected is no doubt appropriate to the field in such circumstance.  No more and no less.  This usually reveals the working of a free market and is widely accepted as not only appropriate but also sensible.  Yet when learning of the disparate earnings potential of arts and artists many outside the profession are moved to instruct.  With honest if foolhardy propriety the explanations and strategies for greater success are breathlessly presented.  That these wrongheaded postulations are rooted in disrespect and ignorance is by necessity overlooked in the mad rush to assist.

A living example of the blind attempting to lead the blind is there presented.

Vocational choices devoted to the arts are subject to wide variance and thus near impossible to measure in usual terms.  Few reliable metrics are available for their evaluation beyond satisfaction of their practitioner.  While some will experience wild popular success many others will need to survive hand-to-mouth to continue their work.  These circumstances are ineffable and most times unrelated to the individual artist's talent or commitment.  Those who would link them to either are showing the indifferent arrogance of the ignorant and deserving of contempt.  For unlike all other vocational activities, taste, both personal and individual, rules the arts from an absolute position.

Our kind have long understood there can be no accounting for it.

While the quality of a man's life is difficult to estimate the subjective experience of it may be recorded as can its exploits.  In my case that sleep comes easy and rest is complete would be the most accurate report made of that enjoyed here.  Those achievements noted by the historical record meanwhile speak with suitable eloquence on behalf of the vocational efforts undertaken during it.

In either case, the writer rests courtesy the ease of a satisfied mind.

This marks the twenty-sixth consecutive weekly post published.  In other news good reviews continue to accumulate on behalf of first novel 'A Dog and His Boy'.  With work on number three continuing and marketing efforts on behalf of number two soon to begin the schedule may soon change.  I'll let you know via the usual collection of outlets including Facebook, Goodreads, Google +, and here.

I'm also pleased to confirm a publication date of November 12, 2016, for my second novel titled 'Grand Opening'

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 11, 2016

Monday, 4 April 2016

Life on purpose.

Now several weeks into the practice here the work of editing is reviewed by this post.

As usual, the reader is cautioned that neither advice nor instruction is either implied or offered.  Entertainment of writer and reader is the point of this missive while service of the established publishing schedule is also respected.

Though it may yet prove too much to be maintained that conversation is left for another time.

My life though often chaotic and by routine ineffable has been dedicated to a long established if not satisfactorily realized purpose.  With literary work the reader may be assured all of it including the approach to its completion has been as desired.  Not for nothing have I maintained a significant degree of independence throughout my career in the arts.

I've always preferred calling my own shots.

At least part of the limitations experienced by Harwill's career in music may with reason be ascribed to this preference.  The approach to my literary efforts is similarly affected by a disavowal of direction or input external to my own in matters of either style or structure.  This patient adherence to an individual method is no doubt maddening to those schooled in the communal path to refinement and success.

Vive la diff'erence!

The most flattering term I've so far heard applied to an admitted obsession with solo completion of my work is 'uncompromising'.  That descriptors less kind have many times been suggested is also left for a separate conversation.  While appreciating the implied respect inherent in the evaluation I must also admit to feeling misjudged by its application.  For though not known for it my professional experience reflects a lifetime of compromise in both form and substance that deny the accusation.  Aside from songwriting most of my work in music reflects a more than less cooperative effort making the term at best inaccurate. 

The explanation for this disavowal and the source of my well-earned appreciation of compromise follows.

A short description of earlier career terms will provide the reader information necessary to understanding the discussion.  An indie music career while often lacking significant financial reward pays back with near total control of production and finished product.  The technology enabling the career choice meanwhile allows a sufficiently skilled modern-day artist to work with as much or as little outside aid as desired.  The choice of working only with electronic samples instead of live musicians is also an accepted practice in the modern lexicon of the craft.

Doing it your way can involve one or many in the digital age of music.

My choice was always to stay close to the roots of whatever I worked toward and in music this manifested in specific ways.  Harwill started as an independent artist limited by economics and ruled by taste.  This meant using digital technology to record analog music performed by living musicians.  As the songwriter, producer, engineer, and performer meanwhile the ability to both filter and interpret an individual artistic vision among craftsmen of exceptional and unique skill was both a challenge and a need.

For myself recording music meant working closely with a surprising number of people.

The experience while both enriching and rewarding was occasionally troublesome and most times costly.  Thus an opportunity to complete largely solo literary projects after decades of working as part of a larger team was easily embraced.  The idea though attractive for its simplicity was eventually acknowledged as also potentially more difficult.

It has often been said that a change can sometimes be as good as a rest.

An aspect of music that has always disturbed me is the inestimable influence of the producer on the music to which I listened.  Since youth I've wondered to whose performance I was truly listening, those of artist or producer.  This was matched by interest in the unknown effect of an editor upon the literature I read.  To consider if a novel was created by writer or editor from my earliest days likewise caused much personal intellectual consternation.

The service of these obsessions has both shaped and required the conduct of my career on the line of independence it would follow.

After decades of experience and training in studios from northern Alberta to Nashville since the release of a third album Harwill functioned as producer of his own music.  The experience was both edifying and artistically satisfying.  While largely overlooked by those external to the process a music artist works under technical constraints that affect realization of vision.  The ability to manifest imagination is often enhanced by knowledge both technical and less than interesting to many musicians.  Understanding the intricacies and pressures associated with the recording craft may also result in improved performance.  The true value of a producer while difficult to describe is thus often best revealed in the recording studio.

For only in rare instances is ignorance considered an asset.

A short review of current literary circumstance and personal history will provide additional insight to the discussion.  For simple tools underlie the vocational practice here.  The writer like most of his time once relied near exclusively upon pen-and-paper for writing.  For short works such as songs and the occasional poem the habit continues.  The writer's closet yet holds numerous examples of unpublished short stories writ and edited in longhand.  As a poor typist meanwhile his first manuscripts were also drafted entirely by hand.

The value of 'spellcheck' was understood long before it was either created or embraced in this locale.

With the rise of technology the writer soon developed an affinity ~ some would say reliance ~ for the word processor.  The development of cost-effective and widely accessible editing software further removed the writer from earlier habits.  As consequence both efficiency and skill have improved and for this the writer offers neither apology nor regret.  Like modern recording technology software writing tools without doubt both enabled and improved independent practitioners everywhere.  The writer with gratitude acknowledges a confluence of circumstance allowing his professional betterment.

For this life is devoted to the service of vocation despite the overabundant vanity of its creator.

Thus after decades of having my work altered to suit a variety of mediums do I now serve as personal literary editor.  By working with professionals in a variety of writing styles including business, technical, journalism, and script writing, my exposure to the intricacies of editorial practice was extensive.  Much like the ability of a producer the skill of an editor is often unappreciated by writers and most times misunderstood by readers.  With a variety of types and few established criteria for evaluating its efficacy the difficulty is easily understood if less so to overcome.  As most are also uncredited the situation is compounded.  Yet its absence in most writing will soon be apparent to the reader.

Like pornography though defying respectable description most know it when they see it.

The years invested earning competency in the craft, though thankless and difficult, now allows the writer to dispense with a question most others won't answer.  For this work is completed, whole and entire, by its writer.  With the task managed personally meanwhile the strong influence of its editor is with joy embraced in these parts.

Every word credited, including those featured on this blog, is written and edited by this writer's hand.

It turns out many of the compromises demanded by music can be eliminated when writing fiction and publishing independently.  Yet only by serving as personal editor can the exact intent of a writer, minus the financial concerns of a faceless conglomerate and the stylistic prejudice of an uncredited third party, be preserved.  The finished work resulting is thus that of its author alone.  A coincidental benefit of the practice is elimination of concern for ease of consumption.  It may then be promoted according to the wishes of its owner rather than by a remorseless corporate entity in relentless pursuit of profit.

The personal style and individual talent of the writer can be factually presented to the reader only in this way.

If the approach above described renders the writer uncompromising meanwhile the reader may be assured the pejorative is with great pleasure accepted.  For it has long been a personal contention that compromise, when unnecessary, is rare if ever mourned.

I will also reveal that mention of the word raises the writer's historically elevated blood pressure.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
April 4, 2016