Monday, 6 June 2016

Peace in rest.

A short update regarding affairs of the pen and explanation for the altered state of the posting schedule here at the blog are provided the reader this week.

The break from fiction writing continues in these parts though activities various fill most days more than complete.  For the writer if not admitting a need to rest no doubt benefits by the receipt of it.  With passing days the relentless demand to assemble words eases and a baleful stress ignored is once again, if only for a time, unburdened.

Neither burning desire nor soaring need so great exists to exceed the real joy of not working at a daunting craft.

For good reason the writer is renowned for extended breaks from his work.  The effect of the stuff itself upon him is beyond sustaining.  While in mental and emotional terms the demand is great the damage experienced physically is also most severe.  A habit known to wreak results such as those wrought by this practice is one best managed with strict adherence to a protocol devised to limit them.

That a man's survival is enhanced by knowledge only so much as he allows it to alter his behavior is also acknowledged.

In practical terms after six months of weekly posts until further notice the schedule here at the blog is now established as monthly.  For the work of turning three manuscripts into novels completed during the previous few calendar years leaves the writer near exhausted.  A need for time and space sufficient to refill the creative well arrives.  As desire to engage in the more routine demands of the temporal world returns.

While rest is doubtless better than change, the latter most often must suffice in the absence of time for restoration.

The writer must now pursue promotion of his published first novel and exposure of the second soon to appear rather than creation of new works.  A historic weakness in the areas of publicity seeking and marketing expertise notwithstanding the mysterious tasks will be worried with the usual tenacity.  In due time results appropriate to the fumbling effort will be apparent.

The writer looks forward to delivering at least a few laughs to the reader by document of his results.

I must also choose this month to break established protocol and share thoughts of a more worldly nature than normally revealed here.  The unfortunate passing of a great and powerful inspiration from my youth took place recent to when I wrote this post.  While not specifically known for literary work his gift for rhyme and metre once spread around the globe like the fame he so deservedly earned.  A man first known for warrior skill and bravado would eventually provide an undeniable example of personal integrity and universal love that continues to inspire people everywhere.

Muhammad Ali, The Greatest, has left the building.

I offer my condolences to his family, friends, and fans everywhere.  For all he did and did not do, may The Champ rest in peace.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

-          TFP
June 6, 2016