Saturday, 27 August 2016

Help wanted ~ apply within.

   A request for reviewers and the latest news provides subject for the months' post.

   As usual, entertainment of reader and scribe is the primary intent, with the review request a secondary motive. The writer while enlightened by the practice does also ~ in most cases is supposed ~ receive a greater portion of the laughs.

   Such is the privilege of those wielding the metaphorical pen.

   The writer must again state for posterity that to promote the habitual practice of writing an internet blog is not intended by this site or its author. Neither do social commentaries or biography provide purpose to the semi-regular missives published here. The often self-promoting and occasionally personal discourse found hereabouts is delivered as promotion of a literary habit long endured by the site operator.

      No more, and most often less, is recorded here.

      For despite a commitment to write novels made decades earlier, this writer holds, neither now nor in the past, little interest for making up stories. That fact should compose plot and behavior provide theme is required here, as it has long been considered necessary to engaging fiction. A decade's long process of discovery, experience, and reflection, prior to putting pen to page, is believed essential to such work.

      That a man needs something to do and a job worth doing is worth doing well are notions taken as gospel in these parts.

      To state the aesthetic plain, the joy derived from literature is here considered greatest when depiction of an existential condition potentially shareable by reader and fictional character is achieved. The best of it delivers hours of entertainment while realistically fictionalizing the facts of behavior and circumstance either related, observed, or experienced by its writer. From the daily grind of temporal experience, the celebrated pathos of the everyday provides the canvas for such literature. To craft fiction reflecting the ambiguity of existentialism while respecting the tradition of the realistic novel is the goal of the writer working here.

       Upon respect for such traditions is the local practice founded, and in support of them does the work prevail.

        Accusations of either ignorance or failure so far outnumber even those that damn as artless the sole published example of this fiction to date. As the relative anonymity of its existence provides the background against which the writer works. Though counter intuitive the binding of a singular compulsion is reliably excised by habitual pursuit of the addiction in this case. An ignominious perseverance is thus revealed responsible for it, up to and including publication of the ersatz blog.

       With enthusiasm scant as either popular or critical appeal, it is yet considered good fortune for the writer to be in the grip of an obsession so strong.

        For no matter the financial result, to the writer crafting it the fiction published delivers significant reward.  The psychic and emotional relief granted by routine practice of the low margin literary habit most times is beyond assignment of a monetary value. Though what to the writer seems apparent can be less so to the reader. To give a more specific explanation, a joy akin to no other is received in exchange for the mind-wringing effort of creating fiction. The blog meanwhile, serves as the platform from which to market and promote interest and sale of the resulting publications in novel form.

        Consider it an interpretation of a sales pitch on the television shopping channel for a product of questionable value.

        Like a variation on the theme of hocking semi-useless gadgetry some find irresistible which the majority live in blissful ignorance of, the blog site functions as cheap promotion of harmless entertainment. Though what the writer considers harmless, some readers might find unpalatable is best mentioned as is an individual taste in humor and the temporal nature of the content.

         An even hand requires mention of it.

         Not that the writer would imply the presence of an even hand despite acknowledging the need for it. In all cases experience has colored the objectivity of the narrator here and to deny it would be more than foolish. Acceptance of an authors' bias, whether due to time or circumstance, is always best recalled when judging the results. The so-called 'search for truth' ~ an ethereal concept at best in a relativistic universe ~ is believed by this writer pointless. While the facts of either individual or collective temporal experience are considered leaving less room for doubt.

          The passage of the seasons is accepted here as example of a factual experience collectively shared.

          In the literary recording of assorted facts of behavior and circumstance as fiction, is found by this writer both relevance and merit. The comparison of shared values with individual actions under specific pressures of nature and nurture there documented provides for its reader both regular entertainment and occasional insight. A fictional recollection of the temporal facts, assembled with enough humor and coherence to entertain, compose the works published as novels in these parts.

          The published fiction and its reviews are considered by this writer examples of individual experience truthfully shared.

           There is significant difference between the two. While the former with certainty influences the resulting work, the material effect of the latter is potentially vast. Just as collective experience is easily recorded while that of the individual by definition remains unknowable. As occupants of the temporal universe; at all times we are by necessity forced to rely on the subjective record provided by a narrator of unknown reliability.

           That's a factual experience considered here both individually and collectively shared.

           An individual act of fiction writing can thus be viewed as promoting the collective act of writing yet more of it. Consideration of neither quality nor technique is necessary to what seems a largely self-replicating equation. Publication sparks what appears a self-sustaining cycle of action and reaction with a potential approximating the mythical perpetual motion machine.

           The writer considers it an individual experience of fact collectively shared as fiction.

           To seek such thankless consideration can with ease be labeled foolhardy and by little effort branded nonsensical. Thus most adopting the habit are well served by establishing and adhering to a codified set of values defining and constraining the activity of their founder. In such vein has the reliable caution to writers of all stripes long been to write only of what you know.

           A practise founded on such principle may be respected if not shared, despite either technical merit or commercial result achieved by its practitioner.

            By publication of his work the writer declares allegiance to this purpose. Despite a clear preference for fantasy in modern literature, the writing of literary realism is believed here intrinsically valuable if not literally so. A want for existential perspective and experience potentially shared remains a need if only for the few. That minority seeking such entertainment in novel form will find here publishing a kindred spirit.

           In commitment to the service does this writer endeavor to persevere.

           With great pleasure I now report availability of FREE review copies of my soon-to-be-published second novel 'Grand Opening'. While not on sale until November, a variety of eBook formats are available in exchange for publishing a review of it to the location of your choice. A page for your reviews of the novel will soon be available on Goodreads and you're encouraged to also publish your response to 'Grand Opening' there.

           To receive an Advance Reading Copy of 'Grand Opening' in the eBook format of your choice for review, contact the writer by email. The address is found by clicking on my profile.

           Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.

            - TFP
               August 27, 2016