Saturday, 12 November 2016

Grand Opening now available in eBook & Paperback.

I remain a fellow with an aversion to publicity despite the gregarious requirements of a now lengthy professional artistic history.

Publication of my second novel Grand Opening while satisfying to the extreme is thus an experience fraught with self-doubt and recrimination.  With the day arrived I offer my thanks to those pledging hard-earned coin-of-the-realm to judge necessity for the writer's concern at the link provided here.

Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy it.

By the time you read this post Grand Opening will be available most everywhere on earth in Paperback and eBook for the Kindle exclusive from Amazon.  To those who pre-ordered your eBook will arrive today, and I thank you very much for your support.  I again send my thanks to those who ordered autographed and inscribed Paperbacks, with confirmation you will find them soon arriving in the mail.

To purchase an author inscribed Paperback see the mail order page.

The writer with lingering reluctance accepts the unknown future result of another story's launch into the literary void.  For while experience doubtless prepares to an extent, only time reveals fate, as sure as each story's end begins a wait for the next ones start.  A transcriber of the journey whose limited value is only there found, this writer from necessity awaits both with ill-born patience.

I also love the writing for its own sake and hope you appreciate the results.

With alarming frequency, now is the time when author's make the confessional rounds espousing for posterity on the process and motivation behind their work.  Using television appearances, radio broadcasts, internet podcasts and weblogs everywhere a vociferous pontification related to character and plot of the latest tome with breathless urgency is soon unbound.  While received as service to either commerce or vanity, a claim of enhancing the reader's appreciation is by routine offered in explanation for the practice.

Those unfortunate to witness such unburdening will share an experience lacking either distinction or peculiarity and regarded with particular distaste hereabouts.

This writer believes neither artistic vanity nor critical opinion is best served by intimate discussion of vocational practice.  Neither does it improve the reader's entertainment, nor enhance such insight as discovered in the work.  For suggestion of wisdoms is incidental if apparent, as entertainment has ever been the writer's purpose.  To provide a few moments escape through humorous evaluation of one's self in a mirror held by his fellows delivers the greatest motivation here.

After all is said this fact remains; a man must have his laughs, and this writer hopes most to share them.

Not that a man would claim to share a sense of humor with many.  Neither is the work intended as comedy, nor its writer promoted as humorist.  The absurd nature of the temporal reality described is here considered proof of fact in most cases being sillier than fiction.  Little more than basic grammar is necessary to show the hilarity of such madness by literature depicted, though I will admit preference for laughs found nearest the gallows.

The reader is encouraged to blame a man if the taste isn't shared.

Were this writer an individual for whom such choice might be appropriate, these facts and more would now be confirmed, or as required denied.  In short order, biographical detail, personal interest, and yes, even artistic motivation might soon reveal.  Like a sinner in search of absolution, the desire for confession with its promised freedom from the burden of solitude could end with publication of but a few words.

In this case, I advise not to hold one's breath waiting for the day's arrival.

I will instead sign off with these few remarks before posing a question to the reader.  That significant variance in results and between examples of this writer's work exists is clear.  Despite lengthy processes intended to produce consistency used in creation, the works are individual, with strength and weakness discovered only by experience.

An artist like a man being always first a parent however, professional obligation plays a poor second when apportioning affection.

To expect a writer to deliver an unbiased review of his work is likewise believed here more than less impossible as result.  Under the influence of such conditions, a man believes it wise to accept any writer's public evaluation of his efforts with a grain, or perhaps even two, of salt.

The writer instead would pose to a reader this question: which of your children do you love best?

I'm pleased to share Grand Opening with you and doubtless too proud of it.  The reader is assured the writer considers it his best work to date.  I hope you enjoy my second novel to publish and encourage you to share your opinions of it, whatever they might be.  The link below leads to a Goodreads page for posting your rating or review of the novel, and I thank you in advance for your time.

I look forward to your review.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.


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    November 12, 2016