Friday, 13 January 2017

A writer's reminders.

Long ago, in the place of this old writer, an angry young man once lived.

Time as ever paired with experience, would have its way with him.  Through passing years, the younger fellow would learn those lessons taught by ineffable circumstance or created by result of actions taken.  A capable if recalcitrant student, the old writer eventually evolved from within the heart of a younger man who would, at last, embrace the cooler voice of studied reason.

Those lessons most difficult however, are also best not forgotten.

I consider them worth restating both for posterity's sake, and a now aging writer's reminder.

The writer must write.

This he must do, above all else, and before any other thing.  The writer must, first, last, and always write.  As the painter of either pictures or houses must paint, so too the carpenter with his hammer and nails must build.  Likewise, the musician must play; the singer must sing, and so on as their individual skills or talent should describe, thus testifying to the infinite variety of our kind.  Viewed in such light, all vocational claims must first show with action before receiving acceptance as authentic.

At least, that's how I see it.

Talking about it meanwhile, is left to others.

Play your own ball.

Upon arrival, we are each assigned, metaphorically, only one.  The intention being we should focus on playing with it.  This requires leaving those belonging to others alone.  No matter where or when found, they ever stay the intellectual property of someone else.  In the literary sense, this means we must create our own stories.

Here, the practice is thus viewed.

Copyright is the sole legal protection available to artists.

Those who deny it do so only to steal the artist's work.

Only those without a creative ability of their own would stoop to such a level in search of explanation for ethical and moral abasement.  Copyright infringement is approximately defined as simple theft in the common law, and in any other case this would render further discussion unnecessary.  In matters of art, and this writer includes literature or music in such a category, there remains persistent desire for an alternate definition.

What is worth noting is that the sentiment rises not from artists responsible for creating original works.

Near invariably, those seeking suspension of copyright prove unable to create work of their own. 

For a writer cannot write if having nothing to say.

Those claiming to suffer that nefarious lie known as 'writer's block' would do well to remember the above noted fact.  Based on the constant promotion of the poisonous stuff, promoters of the so-called 'fan fiction' also need reminding of their intellectual property theft.  In those cases, both the world and the individual are better off without further concern invested in such nonsense.  For if a writer has something to say it will, in little time and despite all cost, appear next on the page.  Those deciding for whatever reason they cannot do so meanwhile, should not make the attempt.

If for whatever reason an individual can't write, stop instead of complaining about it.

The rest of us are better off without either.

            To do is to be.

            All else is nonsense.  Or lies, but pointless as a matter of practical consideration.  Those hoping to arrive at a destination by means other than working with patience and commitment remain ever certain to fail.  For much like any, to accomplish a literary journey one must place one iambic foot resolutely in front of the other.

In most cases, a traveller is also wise to recall many shortcuts lead nowhere.

            To be a writer, the individual must write.

As far as I know as yet there is discovered no other way.

            If seeking to live authentically with honor meanwhile, the individual must conduct their affairs with ethical consideration as first concern.  To the best of one's ability, at all times, in all places, this path must be adhered to if meritorious achievement of a desired result is the individual's goal.  For dishonorable actions like all forms of cheating lead not to victory, but to the bitter deceit of the cynical or foolish.

            As the now popular saying goes, it is what it is.

To achieve the real joy of victory, in battle as in life, it must be fairly earned.

Those choosing to cheat must ever live with the knowledge.

            This writer can suppose no greater punishment, to those with character either admirable or just, than living with such awareness.  By now, having often tasted either victory or defeat in both life and battle, this writer also admits to sleeping easily, due most to achieving his results through fair play.  For such a flame, be advised, yet burns within these aging bones.

            To the cheaters meanwhile, is left the misery of unearned reward, and real failure with bitter misery ever hidden.

For the sake of posterity, the above statements provide summation to what I believed, and practiced, in such affairs.

With the reminder delivered, I next offer news of more significant concern.

After lengthy weeks of daily effort, lately here is completed the first draft of a new manuscript.  Now prepared, it will in time be novel number four.  Its writer, exhausted but most pleased, must rest.  Soon enough, the writer dons the editor's hat, though not in service to work just finished.  Instead, a man next returns to novel number three, which awaits publication.

A final review before its scheduled fall release is soon under way.

As this writer, with great satisfaction, must write. 

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    January 13, 2017