Friday, 17 February 2017

A populous acheivement.

More than a calendar month, marked most by lingering chill, passed at sylvan Thorsby since last I posted here.

The writer's work with ample progress continued in near lock-step with the transposing season's lingering passage.  In the distance meanwhile, a man by now smells the unripened bulbs of new life, threatening to burst forth with daylight hours rapid lengthening.

            In recollection of what lies ahead, nature's headlong rush for spring soon nears.

            At this little town on the rolling Alberta prairie meanwhile, the life more than less fantastic continues.

            Once a village, the namesake home of Thor grows with the new century, recently passing over one thousand residents.  After extended consideration by higher levels of provincial governance ~ combined with tireless efforts from local champions ~ a lofty new title is bestowed.

            All of us here, the writer included, now live at the town of Thorsby.

            While doubtless a cause for local celebration, a man admits to limited enthusiasm for the populous achievement.

            Also worth remembering is that but sixteen years ago, this writer chose the village as home, not vice versa.  With growth thus enabled by arrival, complaint when it continued would deserve no more respect than received by any other (proverbial) cat in a manger.

            Those of us fortunate to live here have it good.

            A man hates to spread it around, but we who do might well have discovered the best of all possible worlds.

            The unfortunate fact remains news of the find spreads, making population expansion near inevitable.  Now at steady pace, the bucolic peace of a picturesque home mostly undisturbed by progress is threatened by increasing popularity.

            For living in peace has ever made itself more difficult when greater numbers of us are involved in its pursuit.

            The means by which our kind searches to disagree when doing so is almost beyond the imaginations ability to comprehend.  In all cases, the extremes of behavior must follow closely assigned limitations proscribed by law to manage it.

            Court rooms overfilled around the planet demonstrate the efficacy of the approach.

            For the common sense, by now long ago, has indeed grown rare.

            Here on the seeming endless plains of central Alberta, where open space in remarkable abundance yet remains, managing the task imposes escalating difficulty in face of the expanding numbers.  In no time, the dictates of the municipalities act, a sense-numbing tome of seeming inconsequential detail most shocking by its prodigious length, provides the only means for survival of the local peace.

            From a dispassionate seat of objective review, the writer in recent times bore witness to the necessity of legal governance in matters either great or small.

            We the people, at all times, without variance, require the strict control of a short leash in the firm grip of a powerful hand.  For when left to individual devices or opinions, it seems even now the habit of living in peace together yet remains beyond our collective capacity.

            Despite thousands of years of practice, the homo sapiens ability to live amongst his fellows remains the greatest of all challenges.

            The legal constraints required to enforce the reasonable expectations of harmless behavior when living amongst one another continue to amaze by their necessary complexity.  For the races of man in near endless variety search, daily it would seem, for new methods by which to endanger, disturb, or discomfort his neighbor.

            From backyard deck building to sidewalk snow removal, a population greater than one in no time produces exponential numbers of extraordinary disagreements.  Ever a gambling man, this writer wagers a trip to your next local municipal government meeting reveals a similar situation even now unfolding.

            If you doubt it, I invite you to spend an evening out as a practical experiment sometime in the next thirty days.  Take along a copy of a recent publication showing the date of your attendance at a local council or community board meeting, with a record of what took place there to back your claim of peaceful coexistence.  Send a photo to me here documenting your experiment as evidence.

Should your experience describe a lack of the expected conflict, I'll happily reward your claim by sending you an e-book copy of my novel Grand Opening.

This writer expects to send few ~ if any ~ e-books as result of the challenge, despite its public issue.

Though in truth, a man would delight in little more than doing so.

            Thanks for sharing the blog.

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    February 19, 2017