Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Of consequences, intended or otherwise.

The latest end to another extended break from a life-long practice is commemorated with this month’s post.

That along with a brief nod to current events must suffice.  For ongoing efforts to keep an old man’s nose above the water line continue to receive the lion’s share of available time in these parts, leaving few moments spared for the largely unpaid labor of constructing prose intended for something other than mass consumption.

It would be a mistake to consider the observation a complaint, for this writer appreciates wielding the pen no matter in which direction working with it might lead.  After all, the fictions a man creates might also lend themselves to applications altogether different than either imagination or intention could supply if their author will allow it.

For a timely example of the unexpected value occasionally created by consequences unexplainable before the fact ~ low hanging fruit admittedly ~ one must only look south to find one of the plainest demonstration witnessed in this writer’s lifetime.  There but miles across an undefended border, our neighbors must these days live with values created by their unexpected choice as president, in many cases only now realizing the unexplainable consequences forced upon them as result of it.  In time, and a good neighbor hopes not long, their response to the circumstance is sure to reshape and renew their commitment to the grand experiment of democracy.

With any luck, a restoration of sanity will shortly follow.

In these parts meanwhile, we must now deal with consequences created by the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ providing thinly-veiled encouragement to white supremacists.  From coast-to-coast in Canada newly emboldened bigots, reinforced by a racist underground daring to show its carefully hidden face to a more than less shocked nation, emerge.  In Canadian cities large and small, populated by speakers of English or French, demonstrations by extreme-right activists including white supremacists, racists and bigots of all styles lately seek the legitimacy of public spaces and police protection.

Canada’s response to these despicable fringe elements must leave no doubt there is no longer any place for such disgusting ideas in our democracy.

As in all cases however, only time will tell.

To leave the dreariness of current events for the joy of personal literary interests, only a final proof read remains for what is scheduled as novel number three of my own to publish.  I hope to share the at-last finished work later this fall, all things willing and the creek don’t rise, and will announce the arrival date for ‘One Fate Befalls’ here on the blog.

Despite an unexpected interruption created by the necessary pursuit of commerce, my belief is the unexplained value created by a shortage of time helped the finished work.  As a writer known most ~ if at all ~ for incessant rewriting with little interest in the calendar, a manuscript rewritten more than twenty times at the cost of over a million words will finally reach the printed page at somewhere north of sixty thousand.

I leave the decision regarding its fate to its readers.

As far as its writer is concerned, this one is it.  If it should turn out that ‘One Fate Befalls’ receives a market response more than less similar to its predecessors, a man’s career as independent publisher shall reach an end.  For despite the presence of a completed fourth manuscript there lives here no taste for vanity projects, leaving bottom-line concerns the factual arbiter of this writer’s fate as publishing novelist.

Like many nowadays, I love writing novels.  In this writer’s case, it’s a time-consuming habit difficult to interrupt once begun and a real danger to most other pursuits.  The obsessive among us perhaps best understand the stubborn compulsion to complete a task once begun, while those fortunate to suffer a love affair with the unsightly prose habit know well the circumstance of which I speak.

Such energy is also a gift a man can harness for any variety of purpose, including those commercial pursuits encouraged by our society.  The reader might thus rest, assured the writer’s fate is both less and more a function of consequence, not intent.

As ever, a man is best served remembering that while many are called, few are chosen.

Thanks for sharing the blog.

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    August 23, 2017