Monday, 19 November 2018

'The Recalitrant P.I.' is published!

 My favorite day of the year has been and gone.  Once again, a solo celebration served to mark a much hallowed (in these parts!) occasion.

Such is life, or so it would seem, for the world’s least popular novelist.

My latest novel ‘The Recalcitrant P.I.’ is published!

The fourth example of my best literary effort, it’s also the first in what is intended as a series featuring the western Canadian stoner private investigator Mac Armstrong.  Now available from Amazon in your choice of Paperback or Kindle, I’ve included the book blurb below here and recommend you order yours today.


Mac Armstrong is a half-baked dick in a hard-boiled world.

When life as a Private Investigator in western Canada serves a daily bowl of drab routine, his bad habits keep things interesting.  With an immature wife, an underage lover, plus a litany of addictions to anchor his broken dreams, a day of reckoning proves unavoidable.


In the inevitable unwinding of Mac’s life, more than love will be lost.

Searching for imagined glamor, only justice awaits The Recalcitrant P.I.


As is the norm for my work, the new novel relies on constrained writing technique to reinforce either narrative voice or the many subtleties of its plot.  Like each of those I’ve written before it, the world of this novel closely follows that of recorded history, where little accepted as fact occurred as those in power claim it did.

Due to an undying belief in the intelligence of my fellow homo sapiens, I will offer no further explanation regarding the plot of this or any other of my novels.  By now, it should be clear enough to those few who read these works that subtlety is an admired quality here.  The books are written as they are on purpose, because I believe you’re smart enough to figure them out without me ~ or anyone else ~ telling you about it.

As a writer after all, my job is to show, not tell.  As an artist however, what you, the consumer of it, take from my work is entirely up to you.

Near as I can tell, that has ever been its point.

For this writer, it’s been enough reward to keep me working at it.

I hope you like the new novel.  If you do, thanks for the support and for sharing your opinion on Goodreads, Amazon and wherever else it’s appropriate to do so.  If you don’t, thanks for the support and for also sharing yours as widely as possible.  For while not my intent, some have been outraged while others nonplussed by early drafts, leaving the writer looking forward to reviews with anticipation.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the blog.


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    November 19, 2018

Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Of instagram & other gambles.

In the latest bow to the unrelenting online facts of modern life, I’ve recently signed up for an Instagram account.  Officially, I pursue increased exposure for my writing via another platform of increasingly ubiquitous social media.

To see the results, give me a follow @tfpruden there.

Meantime, due primarily to the various demands of bootstrapping a cannabusiness start-up in Canada, pursuit of a manageable writing routine continues here.  To date, success is limited.

For like a lot of writers, I’m a creature of habit.  Perhaps more than most, this one relies on a method quite specific.  Handmade over decades, though time-consuming it’s also proven durable.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to adjust for circumstance.  As result, I’m not yet ready to begin work on the next novel.  The post you’re reading as example of typical recent effort, leaves little need for further explanation.

Here’s another fact; the unspoken covenant between writer and reader, artist and audience, or musician and listener has long governed life here.  For better or worse, the bond that remains unbroken in this writer’s life is that committed to words and those who might, somewhere or someday, discover them.

As ever, a man endeavors to persevere.

Focus remains this writer’s primary talent.  Before poker went mainstream, to be known as a sitter was as much respectful compliment as mild pejorative.  The sitters of the world anchor every game, private or public.  Without them, few gambling operations would survive.  For while high rollers deliver the glamor of occasional big stakes, the consistent losses of the inveterate gambler keep the low limit tables open year-round.

In this way, small daily losses add up to large annual profits.

Blame nature if you must, but every man’s loss is another’s gain.

Though few are consciously aware of it, most industries (including literature, either traditional or independent) follow a pattern not dissimilar to achieve certain success.  While social media uses an undeniably new business model enabled by technology, despite much talk of disruption money tends to follow the well-known path.

Unlike writing, which is always, at best, a gamble.

Though admittedly for this writer, it more often resembles the low limit grind of an everyday sitter than glitterati playing table stakes.

Focus is essential to writing completed here.  Just as it is for survival in any five-ten poker game, where a commitment to patience is the only sure thing.  Because every hold ‘em player knows a winning hand waits on the next flop.

The cards meanwhile, will lay as they fall.

A man must choose only to play those he is dealt, or fold.

Work continues for a fall release of ‘The Recalcitrant P.I.’ (my latest novel, #4 to publish).  I’ll post more news when I have it.

Thanks for being here.



September 4, 2018