Thursday, 24 January 2019

Literary Notions

As the responsible individual can only know that believed to be factual, the value of a personal library is considered beyond measure in these parts. While most humble, the shelves here make room only for those works considered worth reading again. To a child of the book, from this and little more is happiness composed.
As a writer since early in my youth, I've always done plenty of reading. Despite or perhaps due to advancing years, I consider time spent with most any book wisely invested. I also admit to being a library card holder & the buyer of many a used volume. Those not returned to the library or finding a home on one of my shelves, are donated to the local Salvation Army. Because no matter how many times a book is read, to every reader its words are new.
I love books. Always have & ever will. To me they're like magic, reliably opening doors unimagined & imagining doors previously believed closed. If an opened mind is what you seek, I recommend reading as many of them as you can find.
As contempt prior to investigation is a bar against all knowledge, reading & books are some of the only safeguards against the scourge of ignorance & intolerance. The world being what it is, these few tools are all that stands between modern society & a return to the bigotted, racist & homophobic inequities of the past. While only those aware of the delicate veil from which civilization is constructed seem cognizant of these facts, we're all best-served to beware of them.
For those living outside the top levels of society however, the veneer of civilization remains little more than worn cheesecloth. From my Aboriginal cousins living without safe drinking water in Canada to refugees fleeing violent conflicts abroad, those with the least continue to suffer the most everywhere. People with sense enough to notice or non-white themselves meanwhile, don't miss the outsized role skin color plays in these economic divides. For like most everything else found on earth, racism breeds racism. Neither ignoring the facts nor spouting rhetoric changes any of it.
That concept provides the basis for The Mac Armstrong mysteries & the plot of my latest novel. The Recalcitrant P.I. is available now on Amazon most anywhere. If you're a person with interest in such things, it's likely worth a look.
Thanks for being here. Enjoy the read & love your life.

  Jan 24, 2019