Monday, 16 November 2015

'A Dog and His Boy' is published.

The long awaited day has arrived.

My novel 'A Dog and His Boy' is now available in Paperback or eBook from Amazon!

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I lived my life loosely modeled after a pattern created by the great novelist Joseph Conrad.

Perhaps this is due to my grasp of English best approximating that of a man approaching it as a second language.

It was Conrad's early adventuring at sea followed by a later life of writing that provided the map for exploring the world of my own time.

Though unlikely it turns out there remain worlds to discover for each of us to this day.

For me without the object lesson provided by the great man's work it's entirely probable that I would not have found my way.  The fact I have, however unlikely, is a large part of what fuels my commitment to document those obscure worlds my various travels have exposed.  The behavior of my fellows through the assorted challenges presented by their uniquely individual life experiences is what I would illuminate by this rumination.  The entertainment of you, the reader, with enlightening stories crafted from those well considered experiences is the long sought after goal.

I most often suppose it is my way of repaying a debt.

The host of alternatives are certainly less impressive.

The extended wait to return to the life of fiction writing in my case was rooted in causes of my own often reckless design.  That it was a return highlights another experience shared by myself and the former mariner.  For it had also been my first adventure to attempt learning to write fiction while still a young and impressionable fellow.  Sadly talent is where our similarities would most apparently diverge.

The disasters that were my early efforts drove me to put down the pen.

At the least it stopped the public display of my early attempts at prose.

My contention is that for this we are all grateful.

The work performed between then and now was primarily utilitarian and soulless in composition if rewarding and simple in creation.  High school training in the rudimentary skills of written communication opened the door to means and kept a roof over my head.  Though not a life of fulfillment a man's creditors appreciate his willingness to remain in the harness.

It's when the plough horse refuses the bit before jumping the fence that things get interesting.

Let me be clear in saying I'm not recommending this as a practice.

The world needs less than it has of people such as this.

I should also mention that I'm in need of no further competition.

Like the best of the old masters the raw material of experience was used as the basis for the stories I've created.  It would be foolish to consider them to be anything other than fiction though the facts of human behavior populate their pages.  The finished product is best not confused with the experience underlying them.  This is another similarity shared with the progenitors of my craft.

Fiction is life as the author best understands it, neither as it was nor as it may have been intended.

While history is most often created by its' winners fiction is usually written by those less concerned with results.

The world needs more of that than it has.

So it is that I contribute 'A Dog and His Boy' in the tradition of those who I would gratefully follow.  That my words may light the dark surrounding unknown cousins in search of the means by which to persevere is my purpose.  For no less than this did I receive from the wisdom discovered in the many styles of fictional prose I have been so fortunate to discover.

It was a gift a man is grateful to have received and honored to try repay.  The passing of a similar torch in the guise of a novel to those who might choose to follow is the means by which I would accomplish the task.

I hope you enjoy 'A Dog and His Boy'.

It took so long to finish I feared most days it would not see the page.  I should also say that many of the things I know worth sharing are written there.  That and we can learn much from our history beyond not wishing it to repeat.

Though a first novel it will certainly not be my last as even now I near completion of what will be the second.  Keep an eye on this blog for availability information.  Having considered these stories a long while I'm pleased to share them and prepared, finally, to devote the time needed to do so.

'A Dog and His Boy' is a good place to begin.

I hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your reviews online at Goodreads and Amazon or anywhere else you should choose to share your appreciation of the novel.

Thanks for being here and thanks for sharing the news!

-          TFP
November 15, 2015